What are Digestive Enzymes?

‘Enzymes’ sounds like one of those super science-y words, but really it’s a lot simpler than that. Digestive enzymes are proteins your body makes to help break down the food you eat into usable nutrients that are absorbed from the digestive tract and used throughout the body.* Some foods, including many fresh fruits, also naturally contain enzymes.

If my body makes enzymes and they’re in my food, why do I need to take more?
The answer has a lot to do with what and how we eat. Heavily processed foods and even cooked foods often lack digestive enzymes, so your body may have to work harder to break down and absorb nutrients. This may cause occasional gas, bloating, or indigestion. Supplemental enzymes can help prevent or reduce these discomforts—which means you can feel comfortable eating the foods you enjoy.*

Do enzyme supplements stop my body from producing its own enzymes?
No. Your body is designed to produce enzymes indefinitely. Supplemental digestive enzymes aid in digestion without altering your body’s ability to create new enzymes.*


Written by Renew Life

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