Sugar Cravings? Talk a Walk!

Despite doing everything right, many of us just can’t get through the day without those pesky sugar cravings getting in the way. What’s the solution? According to researchers in Austria, it may be as simple as taking a walk.

Scientists from the University of Innsbruck recruited a group of overweight individuals to participate in an interesting study. All of the men and women were used to a high-sugar diet but were asked to avoid sugar for three full days, after which they underwent a series of tests.

In a lab, participants were instructed to do one of two things for a period of 15 minutes: walk briskly on a treadmill or simply sit still. They were then asked them to perform specific tasks intended to produce feelings of stress—since stress and anxiety often trigger sugar cravings. Notably, the participants who had spent time on the treadmill reported only mild cravings and exhibited lower stress levels and a more positive mood.

Results of the study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, indicate that “short bouts of physical activity” may play a key role in helping to reduce sugar cravings in people who are overweight, especially during stressful situations.


Written by Renew Life

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