Studies Spotlight the Benefits of Staying Active

If one of your health goals is to be more active, here two recent studies that may help give you the extra boost you need to get up and get moving. The good news? Even small amounts of exercise can go a long way toward a healthier mind and body.

Physical activity linked to emotional well-being
Do people feel happier when they are exercising? Researchers in England believe the answer is yes. After reviewing the survey results for more than 10,000 individuals, they discovered that even moderate physical activity led to improvements in mood and emotional well-being—and that people admitted to feeling happier when they were active.

“Our data show that happy people are more active in general,” said Peter J. Rentfrow, PhD with the University of Cambridge. He went on to say that regardless of how happy people were to begin with, most tended to be happier when they engaged in physical activity, even if that activity was not exercise related.

Exercise improves longevity seniors
Researchers in Finland recently studied a group of adults over 65 to determine whether or not an active lifestyle may help reduce the risk of premature death. Results were based on questionnaire responses as well as health data for nearly 2,500 men and women over a 10-year period. Interestingly, both high and moderate levels of physical activity were linked to a lower risk of death from all causes—including causes related to cardiovascular health such as heart attacks and stroke.



Written by Renew Life

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