Seniors: These Activities Help Keep Your Brain Sharp

With age comes a natural decline in brain function known as mild cognitive impairment, or MCI, but Mayo Clinic researchers have some advice for seniors looking to keep their minds and memories sharp as they get older.

In a recent study involving nearly 2,000 elderly adults—all with normal cognitive function at the start of the roughly four-year study period—it was discovered that frequent computer use, game playing, arts and crafts, and participating in social activities all help lower the risk of MCI.

“Our team found that persons who performed these activities at least one to two times per week had less cognitive decline than those who engaged in the same activities only two to three times per month or less,” said study author Dr. Yonas Geda in a recent news release.

Even in adults with a genetically higher risk for developing dementia, using the computer and taking part in social activities were shown to help reduce the risk of MCI. Researchers believe engaging in these activities may help preserve cognitive function and allow seniors to retain their independence later in life.



Written by Renew Life

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