Pistachios: All These Benefits in Just a Handful

Searching for a smart snack idea you can feel good about? A report published in the British Journal of Nutrition points out several reasons to add pistachios to your shopping list the next time you head to the market. In fact, this cousin to the cashew packs a pretty nutritious punch when added to a balanced diet.

After looking at more than 100 different studies focusing on the health benefits of nuts, researchers determined that pistachios stand out for several reasons. For starters, they have some of the highest levels of phytosterols—plant nutrients linked to cardiovascular health. Phytosterols work in the body to promote healthy cholesterol levels and help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Researchers also determined that pistachios support healthy weight management. The high fiber and protein content in a standard serving (about an ounce of nuts) promotes satiety and helps ward off hunger throughout the day, and people who eat pistachios regularly tend to consume fewer calories overall.

Need a few more reasons to pop pistachios? The nuts are loaded with vitamins and minerals, rich in health-promoting antioxidants, and they even play a role in supporting eye health thanks to their high levels of beneficial plant compounds called carotenoids, which support healthy vision as we age. How’s that for nut-ritious addition to your diet?



Written by Renew Life

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