Mobile App Explores Gut Bacteria By Analyzing Poop

Proof that there really is an app for everything, the California biotech company uBiome developed a new mobile app that lets you analyze your gut bacteria by studying your poop. Yup, you heard that right. Download the app, pay a small fee for the kit, send a sample of your business, and share your results with the world to help researchers better understand the human microbiome and its role in our overall health.

The app was built using an open-source platform called ResearchKit, which allows people to take part in clinical trials like the one developed by uBiome and share their information with the public. uBiome CEO Jessica Richman says she and her team set out to create the app because they want to study how different types of bacteria affect our body weight.

In just a few weeks after you send them your sample, uBiome will send you a full analysis of your personal microbiome that you can compare with other study participants based on factors like diet, weight and gender. Richman and her team believe we’ve only just begun to explore the relationship between gut bacteria and human health, and they are excited to see the results of the study. If anything, the app gives people a unique chance to play an active role in learning about their health as well as participate in an exciting field of research.



Written by Renew Life

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