Need Help with Hectic School Day Mornings? 5 Simple Tips from Power Moms Felicity Huffman and Ellie Krieger

As the kids head back to school, families everywhere are in for a big shift in their morning routine. Between stuffing homework into backpacks and racing the clock to get everyone dressed, fed and out the door on time, the morning hour can start to feel a little chaotic—but it doesn’t have to.

Emmy-nominated actress Felicity Huffman and New York Times bestselling cookbook author Ellie Krieger have teamed up with Renew Life in an effort to help parents regain control this school year with these positive #PowerHour tips. Both busy moms on the go, Huffman and Krieger share tips on Instagram for turning the morning into a #PowerHour, starting with these:

  1. Ease into the day. Skip the snooze button and take some time and space in the morning to relax and slowly ease into your day. Take a few deep breaths to calm your mind and get centered, or do whatever activity helps you feel strong in those first few moments of the day.“I try and make sure, even if it’s for five minutes, that we sit down together as a family. And breathe,” says Huffman. “When we sit down to a meal—Bill instituted this ritual that we all hold hands and take a collective inhale and exhale—so we actually “land” at the table together.”
  2. Take a Renew Life probiotic. A daily probiotic brings balance to the good and bad bacteria in your gut and helps support digestive and immune health.* And you’ll need those good bacteria now that your morning routine is kicked up a notch! Renew Life Extra Care Probiotic 30 Billion has three times more good bacteria in every capsule compared to the leading probiotic brands.“For the past three years, everyone in our house has taken a daily probiotic for a healthy gut because its impact is huge,” says Huffman. “A healthy gut positively boosts your immune and digestive health but also affects mood, memory, sleep, kids’ development and more.”
  3. Eat a balanced breakfast. Fuel yourself with a power-packed breakfast featuring probiotic-rich foods. “At least once a week my husband and daughter request overnight oats—an easy breakfast I can make the night before that I know boosts my families’ energy so they have a strong start to the day,” says Krieger.
  4. Get centered with a daily mantra. Reflect on one powerful statement that brings strength, confidence and encouragement to each day and helps the whole family focus their energy on a positive intention before they head out the door. “A mantra that really works for me is, ‘I will approach today with joy, grace and gratitude.’ That little reminder helps me set the tone for the day and reduces my stress level a lot,” says Krieger.
  5. Tune in to the day. Turn up the volume on a playlist of songs that will motivate and inspire the family, from breakfast time to teeth-brushing sessions to school and work commutes. “Our playlist is usually upbeat, with tunes that get us moving,” says Huffman.

Both Huffman and Krieger encourage other parents to share their techniques for starting the day strong as part of the Renew Life Power Hour Sweepstakes. To enter, follow renewlife on Instagram and post a picture or video of your morning routine with #PowerHour #Sweeps for a chance to win a Renew Life Power Hour Kit and other great prizes. View official contest rules here.


Written by Renew Life

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