My 30-Day Experiment Taking Renew Life® Ultimate Flora™ Probiotics

Although I eat a pretty healthy diet and exercise regularly, over the last few years, I have experienced some pretty uncomfortable health stuff, like occasional bloating and digestive imbalance. I was pretty much at my wits end to get rid of these distressing symptoms. As a busy mother of three, I simply don’t have time to be dealing with uncomfortable digestive issues. I did a little research and found that science shows that a healthy gut positively affects mood, memory, immune health, digestion and more – all important aspects we need everyday. With that, I decided to do a 30-day experiment to see if probiotics would be the answer to my problems. Specifically, I paid very close attention to changes in my digestive tract or immune system.

After digging a bit deeper into what probiotic would be best for me, I ultimately chose Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotics. I was really impressed with this particular probiotic. It has 30 billion live cultures per natural vegetable capsule and contains 10 scientifically studied probiotic strains. The strains found in Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotics are a great support of digestive and immune health, helping to restore a digestive balance. They are simple to take daily, and are designed for a delayed-release in order to target the delivery of the probiotics right where you need them: in your gut. They are also a natural, high-quality supplement that comes in formulas for all ages and stages of life.


Digestive health is an essential component of health that is the center of everything. We all want to be our best and it’s important to remember that this starts from within – literally! If your digestive health isn’t functioning properly, so many things can be affected. Did you know 70% of the immune system starts in your gut? That’s right – good digestive health is such an important part of maintaining immunity and overall health.


During my 30-day trial, the seasons changed from fall to winter and the only supplement I was taking was Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotics. Miraculously, my immune system kept up with my busy schedule and my bloating and occasional digestive issues have gradually decreased.

I had a great experience regarding probiotics, and I will definitely continue to add Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotics to my daily routine. Being human takes guts. Make sure yours are up for it. I know I will!

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Written by Kim Lee

Kim Lee is passionate about nutritious eating and a healthy lifestyle. She shares healthy recipes and meal ideas on her blog, Kim’s Cravings, for readers interested in cooking easy, nutritious and tasty foods for themselves and for their families.