Military Study Spotlights Mental Health Benefits of Fish Oil

Working in conjunction with the United States Army, researchers from Texas A&M University believe a combination of Omega-3 supplementation and staying physically active may help increase the mental health “resiliency” of our returning service members.

Building upon previous studies linking fish-derived Omega-3 fats with reduced inflammation and improved mood, researchers worked with a group of soldiers to see what factors impacted their mental well-being (such as transitioning from a physically demanding lifestyle to a more civilian routine). They then developed an equation to identify at-risk men and women and help them find ways to feel better.

“The mental health of our service members is a serious concern and it is exciting to consider that appropriate diet and exercise might have a direct impact on improving resiliency,” said study author Major Nicholas Barringer. Findings from the study, published in the journal Military Medicine, may one day help reduce mental health risks among soldiers and allow them to more easily reintegrate into their communities.



Written by Renew Life

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