5 Simple Tips for Air Quality Awareness Week

During Air Quality Awareness Week, individuals and communities across the country are encouraged to get involved in activities and events aimed at helping people understand where air pollution comes from, how it affects our health, and why working to improve our country’s air quality is so important. Here are 5 simple tips to help improve air quality:

  1.  Consider HEPA Filters: More than 90% of the harmful particulates you want to filter are small enough to be handled by a high-efficiency particle absorption (HEPA) filter. Consider using them in your home, office, and even your vehicle.
  2. Bring a Little Green Indoors: Plants are natural air filters and help filter toxins from your indoor air. Consider spider plants, rubber plants, palm, aloe vera, peace lilies, ferns or ivy for your home and office.
  3. Walk More, Bike More: At least once a week, consider walking or taking your bike instead of driving to reduce carbon monoxide emissions from motor vehicles.
  4. Herbal Cleansing & Detox: Herbal cleansing formulas support the body’s natural detoxification processes.* Visit our Herbal Cleansing page to learn more and find the right cleanse for you.
  5. Get Active! Physical activity stimulates the flow of blood and lymph to further help cleanse the body. If you head outdoors to enjoy the spring weather, be sure to check the Air Quality Index for your local air quality forecast, and avoid activities near busy roads or highways.

Written by Renew Life

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