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Many of us experience occasional anxiety about things like work, relationships, and money, but anxiety disorders go deeper, often triggering panic attacks and causing people to withdraw from daily life due to constant fear and worrying. Now, a new report aims to improve our understanding of anxiety disorders and their impact on global health.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge recently examined over 1,200 previous studies in an attempt to get a broader picture of those affected by anxiety disorders. According to their findings, published this month in the journal Brain and Behavior, women and adults under 35 are most at risk. Specifically, women are almost twice as likely as men to experience an anxiety disorder.

Also of note, anxiety disorders seem to be more prevalent in people living in North America and Western Europe, and people suffering from chronic conditions such as heart disease and multiple sclerosis have a higher risk than people who are in good health.

In the United States alone, the annual cost related to anxiety disorders is more than 40 billion dollars. While researchers acknowledge that data was lacking for certain populations and further investigation is necessary, they hope their findings bring them one step closer to reducing the global impact of anxiety disorders and improving human health.



Written by Renew Life

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