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Environmental advocates have recently filed a lawsuit in San Francisco Superior Court against omega-3 manufacturers following test results that were rendered public, showing that 3 out of 10 of the products tested did not meet California Proposition 65 polychlorinated biphenyl compounds (PCB) and Dioxin-Like PCBs (dl-PCB) standards. PCBs are toxic compounds that can often be found in fish and may be carried through to fish oils if they are not properly processed and refined.

In response to the press release announcing this lawsuit, ReNew Life is proud to confirm that the quality measures we implemented three years ago to test every batch of fish oil using the International Fish Oil Standard program (IFOS), assures us that our customers can feel confident in the safety of their ReNew Life fish oil supplements. You can go to the IFOS web site ( and look up the test results of each batch of our Norwegian Gold fish oil products.

The issue of environmental contaminants has long been a concern to ReNew Life, which is why, as just one part of our ongoing quality assurance program, we have implemented full IFOS testing of EVERY batch of fish oil we use, no exceptions.

Every batch of fish oil is tested for PCBs and dl-PCBs as well as dioxins, furans, arsenic, cadmium lead, mercury, and primary and secondary oxidative decomposition compounds, namely peroxides (PV) and aldehydes (p-Anisidine Value). This allows us to guarantee low contaminant levels and compliance to all major fish oil regulatory standards including Proposition 65, GOED and the World Health Organization.

Yours in Good Health,

Jim Handley
Chief Operating Officer
ReNew Life Formulas inc.
Palm Harbor, FL USA

Written by Renew Life

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  • Josephine Chavez

    I currently take the generic form of Prilosec. I am concerned because I’ve read that these type of antacids keep us from absorbing vitamins from foods we eat. I am 75 years young, and seem to be in very good health. I am not diabetic, do not take any meds except for the prilosec for my stomach distress. I have ordered some of your probiotics. Hope this will help me with my stomach problems. I will also follow your recommendation to keep away from too much sugar. I strongly believe we should take care of our bodies as we would take car of our cars. I once had a Toyota that lasted me 22 years because I took care of it. It was totaled in an accident that was not caused by me. Anyway, would like information on the Probiotics, and will it help me with my stomach problems. Thank you, Josephine

  • Dianne Watson

    I am 56 years young, just received report from blood work. My cholesterol is high (260) can it be lower without going on liptor. What can i do to change my numbers naturally?

  • Jenny B.

    What if my lot number isn’t listed on the IFOS website? Does that mean the supplements I purchased don’t meet their standards for quality and purity?

  • renewlifesupport

    Dear Dianne,
    So sorry for this tardy response.
    Brenda Watson’s newest PBS Special, Heart of Perfect Health, discusses this issue in detail. In support of that, we here at Renew Life have written a number of blogs that I think you’ll really find helpful. I typed “cholesterol” into the search box and believe this would be great starting place for you to find the information you need.

  • renewlifesupport

    Dear Jenny B.,
    We’re not sure what that would mean, actually. There has to be a lot number on every bottle and it is listed in our database. Perhaps you’re looking at some different part of the number? Please let us know what number you have and we will look it up for you. Every bottle is absolutely tested for purity. Period.
    Renew Life Support