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Are you ready to get off the dieting roller coaster and learn the secret to permanent weight loss? Tune in to The Dr. Oz Show tomorrow to watch digestive care expert Brenda Watson discuss the connection between your weight and gut bacterial balance—the subject of her new book, The Skinny Gut Diet.

The human digestive tract is home to 100 trillion bacteria that play a vital role in maintaining optimal digestion and overall health. As it turns out, the balance of these bacteria determines whether or not you will gain weight and crave certain foods. During tomorrow’s episode Brenda will discuss the two main groups of bacteria in your gut—what she calls the “Fat bacteria” and the “Be Skinny bacteria.” When your level of “Fat bacteria” increase and your “Be Skinny bacteria” go down, you are more likely to gain weight. Fortunately, you have the power to bring your gut bacteria back into balance.

Listen as Brenda lays out a simple plan to help you balance your gut for successful weight loss. You will find out how to feed the good “Be Skinny bacteria” in your gut and starve the bad “Fat bacteria,” all while actually eliminating calories from your daily diet. In addition, you’ll learn how to eat what Brenda calls living foods—those foods that will help you replenish your good bacteria.

If you are tired of restricting calories and following diets that leave you hungry and craving sweets and snacks, don’t miss Brenda on The Dr. Oz Show tomorrow to discover a smarter, healthier way to achieving your ideal weight.


Written by Renew Life

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