Win a One-Year Supply of Ultimate Flora Probiotics!

Have you heard the news? Ultimate Flora, Renew Life’s top-selling probiotic line, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with the Ultimate Probiotic Giveaway—going on now through November!

One lucky winner each month will receive a 1-year supply of
Ultimate Flora Extra Care Probiotic 50 Billion
($360 value!)

Ultimate Flora Extra Care Probiotic is a once-daily, high-potency formula with 50 billion cultures of 10 scientifically studied strains to promote digestive and immune health, and help relieve occasional digestive discomfort.*

Here’s How to Enter:
Just a few clicks and you can earn up to five entry points immediately. Plus, you will have a chance to earn 10 additional entry points by sharing the giveaway with friends and family and spreading the word through social media. The contest is ongoing through November, with one winner chosen each month. Good luck!

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The Ultimate Probiotic Giveaway is open to U.S. residents 18 and older. All entries must be submitted by midnight on November 30, 2015. The winner will be chosen on December 1, 2015.

  • Nora Grahe

    I use probiotics daily but I have not tried yours. I would love to win and try it and have it for a year! It will help lots, Thank You! Of course, I will continue to always use yours now.

  • Not Playin Witchu Piggy

    Thanks for this great giveaway, I could really benefit from this as a GERD patient.

  • Sharon Bar

    Helps with IBS

  • Mary Guenther

    I am a loyal customer and could probably be your best spokesperson. I have told everyone I know about this product and it’s benefits. My whole family takes it and friends too!!

  • William K

    I have been using your products ever since they first came out on the market, and have watched (and loved) all of your PBS shows too. I recommend your products to everyone I know, and also recommend via Reviews like Amazon. Please keep up the good work.

  • M Smith

    Works for lots of digestive problems including ulcerative colitis

  • Angela Rael

    Love their products.

  • TWC

    Very cool. Thanks

  • Carrie Craig Murphy

    I started using this product after my allergy doctor prescribed Prednizone. Ultimate Flora worked better than the others that I tried. My retail schedule didnt always allow me to have yogurt before work, take the time to take yogurt with me to work, or even allow for a relaxing 1/2 hour lunch at work. The Ultimate Flora started as a stand in for yogurt to fit my busy schedule. Now, it is a daily routine if I have it in the house. It goes on my grocery list today!

  • NoTrustFlorida

    I love this product. It is the best I have tried. I have tried many brands but I keep going back to this product. It works so well for me. I also give it to my pet. It is cheaper than what the vet order for him. Works well for my pet too.

  • i tried this product three years ago when my urol,ogist told me to go to gnc and geta probiotic to take to prevent m e from gettign chronic utis i have not had one since i started taking ultima flora im so releived no more er visits when im sick froma uti thanks ultima flora
    i alos got this product at walmart for half the price of one at gnc

  • SilverHairedSaint

    CVS usually has it on sale near the end of the month–even less expensive than Walmart.

  • TWC


  • Veronica Hardy

    i’ve tried ultimate flora, they are great

  • Auntebook

    For the first time in years, I didn’t get a yeast infection when taking antibiotics and I attribute that the Renew Life Ultimate Flora probiotics. I’ve been taking the Women’s Formula for over a year now and couldn’t be happier.

  • Hope to win fingers xx’ed !

  • debbie Robinson

    The very best products on the market are Renew Life!!! I take the 50Billion probiotics and the fish oil I LOVE THEM!!!

  • Karen Terry

    I would like to try it but can’t afford it right now.

  • CM Fields

    I could really use this..

  • Cindi

    Can it top Culturelle and Fortify? I’ll try it!

  • Jodie Glisson Hodges

    The candigone is awesome!! It works!!

  • augustgphs .

    Helps with gut health!

  • frank

    does this help with C. diff?

  • babsy998

    I love the idea of only having to take it once a day and would sure love to win a year supply as it does get expensive!!!

  • sweetpeach

    This would be so helpful, I usually take one everyday, but because of fiances I haven’t been able to. I can really tell the difference, my IBS is way out of control without Ultimate Probiotics!! Would love to win a year supply, I know that I would feel better in a matter of a couple weeks!!

  • augustgphs .

    We all need the good stuff to lower the number of bad things for the gut.

  • Stockpiling Moms

    Helps with Celiac Disease!

  • MaryAnne Johnson-Keough

    I’ve been told I need to balance my whole body, this sounds like the perfect product!

  • Shelle Landry


  • Betty Kipp Cole

    I would love to try it!

  • Disne Loscuito

    No more feminine itch or odor what so ever

  • FitV

    Stop eating foods that contain GMO’s and combine with this and you will see so many positive things happen with your body, skin, clarity of thinking, more energy, etc!

  • Susanna Shanti G Kotlyar

    Love your Probiotics!!

  • Kat Bettz

    I love their cleanses, fiber, and their probiotics. They are packaged with everything you need, and easy to follow instructions. So much easier for fast passed lives, that do not have time to shop for hard to find products, and mix batches of cleanses, etc. Thumbs up to Renew Life. <3

  • Carlos Guzman

    I use these probiotics every day 🙂

  • Pat Patterson

    love their products, when i can afford them.

  • Hunkoburninglove

    oh maybe you will win !

  • nikkigood

    LOVE Renew Life probiotics. I have to have them once a day! They are wonderful and gentle to use for a healthy gut <3 Thank you Renew Life for keeping me and my Family healthy! I have been battling Lyme disease for over 23 years now and without my probiotics I would be more of a mess than I am now thank you for helping me stay as healthy as possible for my 4 beautiful children. This would be a blessing to win a years worth.

  • Pamela Austin

    Ive seen a big difference since ive been taking probiotics i never could understand why my stomach blew up so bad after i would eat . Now i dont have that problem so glad and found its important to take them every day . Thank you for such a great product

  • Tina

    My life changed a few days after I started taking these probiotics. My colon is damaged from numerous surgeries and endometriosis and I had pain on my side for ten years. After a few days on this probiotic, the pain went away. I tried another brand for a couple weeks and my pain came back. So I am hooked on Ultimate Flora 50 billion. Love it! thanks! (I have been on it for 3 years now)

  • Tina

    I get mine at GNC and they always have discounts online and coupons each month. (I am also a member with them so get bigger discounts) I pay about $30 per month for mine. So about $1 a day which is so worth it. Good luck. Smiles from Wisconsin

  • Angela Rael

    I used Renews programs to clean out my liver and my kidneys.

  • Jody Mccracken-piercy

    Just started these yesterday, have high hopes it will be just what I need!!