A Must-Read for Expecting Moms! The Benefits of Advanced Purity DHA Fish Oil

If you or someone you know is expecting or breastfeeding, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of an omega-3 fatty acid, called DHA, for mom and baby. DHA is a critical nutrient for supporting brain, eye, and nervous system development in unborn children. Moms get DHA from foods such as cold-water fish, and unborn and nursing babies get their DHA from mom.

Why Advanced Purity Matters
The reality is that most expectant mothers don’t eat much fish because of the concerns about mercury and other toxins that may be present in whole fish. There is a simple and nutrient-packed way to get your daily DHA without eating whole fish, however, in the form of a small, easy-swallow prenatal fish oil supplement.

Just one softgel packs in a whopping 480 mg of DHA from an ultra-concentrated fish oil blend that is third-party purity tested for PCB’s, heavy metals, mercury, and other toxins. This fish oil is so pure, in fact, that it is consistently awarded the highest IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards) 5-star purity rating and it exceeds the stringent NMS (Norwegian Medical Standard) for purity, potency, and freshness.

Don’t like the taste of fish? No problem. Norwegian Gold Prenatal DHA tastes like citrus thanks to its natural added orange flavor. Plus, you won’t be burping up any fishy taste with the “repeat” you can get with other fish oils. Norwegian Gold Prenatal Omega contains added lipase, an enzyme that helps mom break down the fish oils into smaller, more absorbable compounds.The result is a better-digested fish oil and better availability to mom and baby.

More Benefits to DHA…
In addition to the important transmission of DHA from mom to baby for developing eyes, brain, and nervous system, DHA has some pretty wonderful benefits for mom too:

  • Supports healthy breast milk in lactating mothers
  • Promotes a healthy level of omega-3 in the mother, promoting her healthy mood after birth
  • Helps replenish mom’s omega-3 depletion, contributing to her overall health as well as the health of her newborn
  • Promotes heart and joint health

Norwegian Gold Prenatal DHA is the latest in ReNew Life’s top selling advanced purity fish oil line. This new blend is simply the easiest digested, highest purity fish oil available to moms—and all in one daily tiny orange flavored softgel that also contains 500 IU of vitamin D3.

Do I Really Need a Prescription Fish Oil?

Like many people, you might have questions about those ads you’ve seen on TV or in magazines for a prescription fish oil pill called Lovaza. Questions like: Do I really need a prescription for fish oil? And is Lovaza really better than a fish oil supplement I can buy at my health food store? The answer to both questions is a resounding no. In fact, an independent comparison found that there’s nothing in Lovaza that can’t be found in many quality non-prescription fish oils that are typically less expensive and certainly more convenient.

Here are the facts:

  • Lovaza contains only 840mg combined of beneficial EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil—about 200mg less than the leading maximum-strength fish oil supplement.
  • Lovaza costs approximately $180 dollars for 120 pills (a 1-month supply)—about $150 more than the leading maximum-strength fish oil supplement.
  • The recommended daily dose of Lovaza is 4 per day. Many non-prescription fish oil supplements come in an easier one-a-day dose.
  • Lovaza capsules are not enteric-coated. (In vitro studies show 3X more Omega-3 absorption with enteric-coated capsules when compared with non-coated capsules.)
  • Lovaza does not include lipase, an essential fat-splitting enzyme necessary for complete oil digestion in the body.
  • Lovaza soft-gel capsules are made from both pork- and beef-derived gelatin. Many leading non-prescription fish oil supplements use superior fish-derived gelatin capsules.
  • Lovaza fish oil capsules are unflavored, while many non-prescription supplements include natural orange or lemon flavor to help lessen fishy aftertaste.
  • Lovaza does not include any added beneficial ingredients such as vitamin D₃.

In fact, the only thing that sets Lovaza apart from the leading maximum-strength fish oil supplement is that it has been approved by the FDA to “treat a specific condition” (i.e. high triglycerides). However, the majority of premium non-prescription fish oils undergo strict purification processes to ensure purity, potency and freshness and are guaranteed safe and effective by International Fish Oil Standards.

About the Benefits of Fish Oil…

Experts like the American Heart Association agree that taking a daily fish oil supplement is one of the best things you can do for your body, since fish-derived Omega-3 fatty acids help to nourish active tissues in the body like those found in the heart, brain, eyes and joints. Not only that, but beneficial Omega-3s help with digestion and bowel regularity, and current research links a diet rich in Omega-3 fats with enhanced memory, mood, and even improved fat metabolism.