The New Ultimate Flora RTS, The Best Probiotic “in the Room”

Are you looking for a high potency Probiotic, but prefer the convenience of a room temperature stable product you can take with you? If you’re a traveler or just looking for a probiotic that doesn’t require refrigeration, you shouldn’t have to settle for a lower quality product. Now you can have all the convenience of a shelf-stable probiotic without sacrificing potency or quality. ReNew Life, America’s #1 probiotic brand, introduces the new Ultimate Flora RTS, to revolutionize the probiotic marketplace.

No Refrigeration Required!

We’ve solved the age-old issue of forgetting to take your probiotic. Now you can remember to take your probiotic every day because you’ll see it on the counter at room temperature, instead of tucked away in the refrigerator. Ultimate Flora RTS (Room Temperature Strains) Probiotics are specially formulated to be kept at room temperature, or 77 degrees.

Potency Until Expiration

If you look carefully, many probiotic formulas list the number of total probiotic cultures at time of manufacture, not expiration. Who knows how many live bacteria will be present by the time you take it?! Ultimate Flora RTS Probiotics are guaranteed to provide at least 15 Billion live cultures per capsule all the way to their expiration date if stored at or below 77 degrees.

3 Unique Formulas for Various Health Needs

With specially blended mixtures of both Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria (Ls and Bs) probiotic strains, there’s something for everyone in the Ultimate Flora RTS Probiotic line. Daily Probiotic features 10 strains with an equal amount of both Ls and Bs to support digestive and immune health in both the small and large intestines. The all-Lactobacillus Women’s Formula promotes the most prevalent type of beneficial bacteria in the vagina to help support balanced levels of vaginal yeast and urinary health. Finally, Ultimate Flora RTS Colon Care Probiotic contains only Bifidobacteria strains, the native bacteria found in the colon and the type that most often declines with age.

Double Foil Blister Packs for Ultimate Protection

So what keeps the Probiotics stable at room temperature? A key to retaining the best freshness and potency is protecting probiotic cultures from damaging factors, such as moisture. Double Foil Blister Packages are not only convenient, they provide an absolute barrier from light, moisture and air. No other packaging method seals in the potency better than foil-on-foil blister packs.

Delayed Release Capsules for Ultimate Delivery

While probiotics are also utilized in the upper digestive tract, the majority of bacterial populations exist in the lower small and large intestines. So how do the good bacteria get all the way down there? Probiotics must travel through the harsh stomach environment and be delivered to the intestines to colonize. Delayed-release capsules are engineered to remain intact through the stomach and begin dissolving in the intestine, where they are needed most.

Taking the right probiotic supplement can help promote digestive health, urinary and vaginal health, bowel regularity and strengthen the body’s natural immune defenses. Choose one of the unique Ultimate Flora RTS Probiotics, and you’ll know you have the “best probiotic in the room.”

E. coli and Our “Gut Ecology”

Recent news of the unprecedented and massive outbreak of E. coli in Europe has public health officials scrambling to find the source of contamination. This toxic, antibiotic-resistant version of E. coli bacterium is like no other American scientists have seen. Since its discovery, this super bug has killed at least 22 and sickened over 2,330 people in 12 European countries.

Escherichia coli, or E. coli is a natural inhabitant of the human gut, but it is no stranger to food contamination and has caused many outbreaks across the globe. Although some strains are harmless, when an infection is present E. coli causes digestive symptoms similar to typical food poisoning such as diarrhea, cramps, gas and bloating. However the new German, toxic E. coli strain or enterohaemorrhagic E.coli (EHEC), causes much more serious issues such as bloody diarrhea and even seizures, strokes and comas caused by the bacteria attacking the kidneys.

While investigators struggle to identify the initial source of E. coli contamination, everything from unclean cucumbers, tomatoes and sprouts have been blamed. Still the real cause of this extraordinary outbreak is a mystery and has left many people afraid to eat fresh produce. A healthy amount of caution is wise, but avoiding vegetables hardly seems like a good strategy.

The fact is all of us have an eco-system of bacteria, good, bad and neutral, teaming within our digestive systems. This delicate balance of trillions of bacteria has the power to either keep us healthy or make us sick. Maintaining proper balance of good bacteria helps crowd out potentially bad bacteria and also supports good digestion. With over 1,000 strains of beneficial bacteria can be found in the human gut, it makes sense to choose a probiotic supplement that reflects this natural diversity. A probiotic supplement with the right amount of cultures and strains can help promote digestive health, bowel regularity and strengthen the body’s natural immune defenses.

Although infection with this super-strain of E. coli bacteria has been very limited in the US, the CDC recommends proper hand washing and food preparation techniques to keep food-borne infections at a minimum. Common sense would also suggest that maintaining your own personal “gut ecology” might also be a good idea. Research shows that probiotic supplements might be a smart way to tip the balance of bacteria in the digestive system in favor of good bacteria.