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Your probiotic purchases really do make a difference, and not just to your own personal health. Our Feed a Future program is going stronger than ever thanks to your support in buying ReNew Life probiotics online. For every online probiotic purchase we donate $1 to children in some of the poorest regions across the world, providing them with vital dietary and nutritional support.

These dollars go a long way to keeping growing bellies full. So far we’ve provided 68,000 meals to rural children near Cali, Colombia. These happy faces depend on their school system for a nutritional breakfast, lunch, and snack during the week.

With your financial help we’ve increased school enrollment to maximum capacity by enrolling kids who otherwise would not have been able to attend school at all! For these children, school is a haven of enrichment for their bodies and their minds. Here they learn, play, eat, grow, and discover what it means to be a healthy member of their local and global community.

Thank you for helping to Feed a Future and support a community in need. Our program is always growing and reaching out to new areas that can benefit from the nutritional support ReNew Life is committed to providing underprivileged children. With your help the world eats better and we all grow together in health.

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