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We’ve heard a lot about the standard dietary recommendations for anyone concerned about heart disease and its accompanying risk markers (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar). Eat less cholesterol, drink less alcohol, and watch your fats. But have we been missing an essential piece of the preventative health puzzle?

Brenda Watson, CNC, is back on TV discussing the important puzzle pieces we need to fit into our diets (and cut down on in our diets) to help us prevent heart disease and manage heart disease risk markers now.

You can watch Brenda featured in this American Health Journal special by clicking on the video below.

Brenda synthesizes her decades of expertise as a nutritional consultant, health clinic founder, New York Times bestselling author, and national health educator into this key heart health segment. This kind of information is life changing for those battling obesity, heart disease risk factors, diabetes or blood sugar problems, and bodily inflammation.

Check out Brenda on American Health Journal and explore these vital health topics:

  • The “silent” damage that sugar and carbohydrates are doing to our hearts, and our overall health
  • What our carb-heavy diets mean to the average American waistline and our heart disease epidemic
  • How much sugar do we need each day to maintain healthy blood sugar levels?
  • And how much sugar are we really eating? (The numbers will shock you!)
  • The simple formula you need to know to figure out your daily sugar intake
  • And more…!

It Isn’t All About the Cholesterol You Eat
If you think you know the no-no foods for heart disease prevention, think again. Brenda helps us understand why we can’t seem to take the weight off (especially around the waistline) and why our diet is still contributing to heart health risk markers even if we’re watching our cholesterol intake. These are critical facts to consider when cooking, shopping, and helping loved ones to eat balanced, truly heart-healthy meals. Don’t miss it!

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Do You Know Your Numbers?

How many numbers do we remember each day? Phone numbers, alarm codes, passwords, bank account balances, birthdays. None of these is as important as knowing your health numbers. An up-to-date knowledge of your health numbers can literally save your life.

Brenda Watson discusses knowing your numbers and how you can test them at home in her revolutionary Heart of Perfect Health PBS special airing nationwide on PBS stations throughout March. The show covers the myths about cholesterol, the  nutrients you need to get your health back on track and reduce your risk of heart disease, how to check your health numbers, and the simple, transformative steps you can take every day to reverse America’s #1 killer, heart disease.

The 3 Numbers You Must Know
The three top signs of heart disease risk are also the three top signs of silent inflammation, a chronic pre-disease state in the body that many of us have without knowing it. Research is linking silent inflammation to the root of heart and cardiovascular disease, not to mention conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and even certain cancers.

The good news is you can reverse your silent inflammation by knowing your health numbers and taking the necessary steps to get these numbers within a healthy range. The 3 health numbers you need to know are:

  • Cholesterol, which should be no higher than 200mg
  • Blood pressure, which should be no higher than 120 over 80
  • Blood sugar (fasting blood glucose), which should be no higher than 85

High cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar are the top 3 signs your body is in a state of silent inflammation, and they are major heart health risk markers. Together these high numbers double your risk of cardiovascular disease by causing the arteries to harden and thicken, by stimulating plaque build-up along blood vessels, and by increasing bad LDL cholesterol.

You should be testing yourself more often than once a year to see where your numbers are and you can perform these tests at home. You can get your cholesterol checked at lab sites online, buy your own blood pressure cuff for at-home use, and find a do-it-yourself glucose meter at your local drugstore to monitor your blood sugar levels. There is no need to wait for your annual doctor’s visit when you should know these numbers throughout the year to see how well you are doing in keeping them within a healthy range.

Check back in the next couple of days to learn more about the #1 nutrient that helps reduce your risk of heart disease and helps keep your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar healthy!

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