CleanseMORE Wins Best Laxative Supplement Award

CleanseMORE Wins Best Laxative Supplement AwardMillions of people struggle with occasional constipation each year. When a sluggish system strikes many seek natural supplements for relief, but how can consumers today get the safe and gentle results they want? Now finding the natural solution to occasional constipation is easier than ever. Of the hundreds of laxative formulas on the market today, Delicious Living magazine, a trusted consumer health resource for 25 years, has awarded ReNew Life’s CleanseMORE its Best Fiber/Laxative Supplement Award, 2012. Delicious Living chose their favorites based on overall efficacy of ingredients, retailer and medical expert feedback, and product longevity.

Get To Know CleanseMORE

CleanseMORE is a unique laxative product developed especially for people dealing with occasional constipation. Unlike harsh laxative products, CleanseMORE naturally stimulates bowel movements without causing uncomfortable cramping. Natural herbs like cape aloe, rhubarb and triphala gently stimulate and tone the colon, while marshmallow and slippery elm lubricate and soothe. The formulation also includes just enough magnesium hydroxide to gently draw water to the colon encouraging better motility. No harsh stimulating ingredients here, just an easy, hydrating blend of ingredients to make going to the bathroom easy again. No wonder it’s resonated with so many consumers and retailers.

The Low-Down On Constipation

Constipation is defined as the difficult or infrequent passage of stool. Natural health experts would consider you “constipated” if you don’t experience at least daily elimination. So what causes this annoying issue? On top of lifestyle factors such as a change in routine, travel, or lack of exercise, occasional constipation can also be due to diets heavy in refined or processed foods and low in fiber.

You Are What You Eat…And Don’t Excrete!

Good health starts in the digestive tract. If you suffer with occasional constipation it’s imperative to get a handle on the issue before it becomes a bigger problem. In addition to CleanseMORE, try these simple tips to restoring healthy, normal bowel function:

  1. Hydration: Constipation can be caused by dehydration, so drink more water. Try diluting your favorite beverage with 50% water to sneak some H20 in.
  2. Fiber: Fruit, vegetables, beans and whole grains are just a few of the many sources of dietary fiber, but don’t be afraid to use a natural fiber supplement to boost fiber intake. Follow Brenda Watson’s recommended guideline – 35 grams per day – to stay on track.
  3. Exercise: Regular exercise stimulates lymphatic flow which encourages healthy elimination, so make sure you get daily physical activity to keep your colon happy.

So while occasional constipation can be a pain, getting relief doesn’t have to be. Check out our award-winning CleanseMORE for a natural solution, remember to maintain good digestive health with other high-quality ReNew Life products and get ready to leave your sluggish system behind!

Start A Movement With Our “How Does Poo Move You?” Video Contest

No matter how refined your sense of humor, who doesn’t love silly, bathroom jokes? Let’s face it, pooping is funny, but digestive health is serious business. ReNew Life has always been a trailblazer when it comes to starting the elimination conversation. As a digestive care company, we talk about poop a lot. Good elimination is critical to good health, but often people let their embarrassment about the topic keep them from learning natural solutions to digestive issues. That’s why we want to emphasize the importance of healthy elimination, promote awareness and maybe have a laugh in the process with our new video contest.

Starting this week, we’re giving you the chance to win cash and ReNew Life products just for producing a funny video about going to the bathroom in the How Does Poo Move You? Sweepstakes! Create and upload a video, no longer than 90 seconds, using your imagination and a touch of silliness to convey how elimination affects your daily life.

Video submissions will be judged based on overall artistry and humor, but judges will also take into account video votes, video comments and video sharing on the contest site, so contestants are encouraged to be shameless in promoting their video and soliciting votes through social media outlets. We will award the grand prize winner $3,000 in cash and $1,000 in ReNew Life products. If you don’t create the number 1 video on number 2, don’t worry – first, second and third runners-up will also win cash and ReNew Life products.

In addition to encouraging digestive health conversations, the How Does Poo Move You? Sweepstakes will also take aim at the global water crisis. Nearly one billion people lack access to safe water and over half of the world’s hospitalizations are due to water-related disease. So to show that we’re not just doing this for kicks and giggles, we’ll match all cash prizes with a charitable donation to is a non-profit organization that helps provide safe drinking water and sanitation to people in developing countries.

So if viral videos are your forte, stop by the sweepstakes website to learn about the contest. We’re looking for clever, sensational, and conversation-starting videos. The funnier the better, but be sure to keep the content clean and focus on the benefits of healthy elimination. Check out our creative brief for rules and guidelines to be sure your submission is appropriate for a broad audience.