Love Your Liver and Detox Like Never Before!

We’re big on digestive care at ReNew Life, and what a lot of people don’t realize is that your liver is connected to the digestive system in a very important way. We don’t necessarily think of the liver as a digestive organ but it’s essential to digestion as well as detoxification.

  • The liver filters all nutrients and toxins in the bloodstream that are absorbed from the intestines.
  • The liver processes toxins using phase I and phase II detoxification, essential for the proper neutralization and removal of toxins.

As the body’s largest solid organ and our center for environmental toxin detox, our livers are under a lot of strain in today’s increasingly toxic world. Toxins can build up in the liver and in fat cells, leading to skin, hormonal, and digestive issues, as well as physically depleting your body’s energy levels.

There are over 80,000 toxins in use today, and over 1,000 are being added every year. Toxins are everywhere from medications to vehicle emissions and cigarette smoke, food additives, water contaminants—even the glues and chemicals used to make the carpet/flooring in your home.

Give Your Liver Some Love
The good news? You can detox your liver with antioxidant herbs and amino acids that help maximize liver function and take some of the stress off your body’s hardest working detox organ. ǂ

NEW Daily Liver Support provides triple action liver detoxification care with a three part liver-focused formula:

  • Detox Blend features liver supporting herbs and amino acids to promote bile flow for toxin elimination. ǂ
  • Strengthen Blend provides milk thistle extract with silymarin, the best-studied herb for healthy liver support. ǂ
  • Protect Blend combines antioxidant rich herbs with turmeric extract, an important antioxidant known to support healthy inflammation response by helping to neutralize free radicals. ǂ

Daily Liver Support is not a one-month cleanse but rather a daily multi-nutrient formula to help you maintain healthy liver function in our toxic world. ‡ It contains absolutely no added artificial ingredients, binders, fillers, or excipients—just pure and active nutrients in a triple action detox formula.

Flame Retardants and Lower-Birth-Weight Babies

During pregnancy, mothers-to-be generally try to eat better and take better care of themselves in the hopes of improving the health of their infants. Pregnant moms may also try avoiding certain chemical exposures like cigarette smoke and even harsh cleaning products. This can be a tricky task, however. One recent study has found that flame retardant exposure—a difficult exposure to avoid—is linked to lower birth weight in babies.

The study, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, found that for every tenfold increase in PBDE (polybrominated diphenyl ether) levels in the mother’s blood, there was a 4.1 ounce drop in the baby’s birth weight. Lead researcher Kim Harley, from the University of California, Berkley’s School of Public Health, stated, “What we saw was a shift toward lighter babies among women with higher PBDE exposure rather than a dramatic increase in the number of low birth weight babies.” For babies already at risk for low birth weight for other reasons, 4.1 ounces would make a big difference.

The PBDEs tested for in the study were actually phased out of use in 2004, but because they are found in many household items, their persistence is still widespread. These chemicals leach from furniture, upholstery, carpet, electronics and more (even baby products and children’s pajamas!), and are stored in fat cells. Flame retardants have been linked to reduced fertility and thyroid dysfunction in women.

How do we get out of this toxic soup? Well, we can’t. But the researchers do recommend wet mopping when dusting since flame retardants are concentrated in dust, and frequent hand washing to avoid ingesting these chemicals.