Belly Up to Probiotics and Their Many Health Benefits!

Probiotics found in probiotic supplements, yogurt, and other fermented foods such as kimchi and sauerkraut, are microscopic helpers that impact us in a big way when it comes to our health.

A recent Yahoo article, “Probiotics: More Than Your Tummy’s BFF..,” called out some of the important advantages to maintaining a healthy balance of digestive bacteria—supported by probiotics. Your gut is filled with trillions of bacterial cells, and probiotics help boost the amount of healthy bacterial cells there. These healthy bacteria promote healthy gut balance as well as produce vitamins, help digest your food, promote your immune health, and help keep your bowel and digestive tract ticking along nicely.

Dysbiosis and Your Gut
An imbalance of healthy bacteria in the gut is known as dysbiosis, a condition you may not know you have until its uncomfortable signs crop up. The signs of dysbiosis include:

  • Gas, bloating, and flatulence, especially around meal time
  • Occasional and unexplained constipation or digestive upsets
  • Skin issues such as itchy, dry skin or breakouts
  • Poor nutrient absorption and irregular digestion
  • Yeast imbalance

Boosting your levels of healthy bacteria through probiotic intake supports an optimal balance of beneficial bacteria in your gut.

Did you know?
The lining of your gut (GALT) is often called your “second brain,” and the bacteria in it are as important as brain cells in keeping you healthy. The gut associated lymphatic tissue (GALT) is your primary line of defense in the digestive tract; it also produces 90 percent of the body’s feel-good neurotransmitter serotonin.

The GALT is also heavily reliant on the beneficial gut bacteria to do its job. These beneficial bacteria, which include probiotics, promote important immune cell function and help create a healthy gut barrier. So, keep your probiotic intake high, avoid unnecessary antibiotic use, and eat a whole-foods rich diet to feed your gut, and whole body, healthy!

Source: “Probiotics, More Than Your Tummy’s BFF…” Yahoo Shine, July 2013.

Is There a Better Way to Boost Energy and Beat Stress?

Ladies, have you had enough of the coffee “spike and crash” cycle? Wondering if there’s a better way to keep your energy up, relieve stress, and fight fatigue? The female nervous system is sensitive to harsh stimulants… these substances can actually sap our energy and deplete our reserves. And in today’s busy world, we need all the reliable energy we can get.

If you’re looking for a natural, all-day alternative that will boost your own energy levels without harsh stimulants, new Energize & Balance is for you.ǂ It’s formulated specifically for women (not just a one-size-fits-all general energy blend) with herbs, botanicals, and enzymes that not only boost energy and keep it steady but also balance stress, promote mental focus, and help ease digestive upsets that may occur due to stress.ǂ

Feeling sluggish?
Not yourself?

The All-Woman, All-Day Energize & Balance blend

  • Increase your energy level with ginseng and yerba mate, a traditional South American herb containing compounds that provide a smooth, enduring energy boost without the rapid spike and crash of coffee.ǂ
  • Enhance your mental focus with gotu kola herb and Korean ginseng, an exceptionally high quality ginseng type that has been clinically researched for its ability to promote concentration, energy, and clarity when you need it.ǂ
  • Balance stress with rhodiola and ashwagandha, both effective adaptogens that work with the body to help it adapt to stressful situations plus support nervous system.ǂ
  • Promote healthy metabolism and detoxification with polyphenol-rich green tea and cayenne fruit that contains natural capsaicin for a metabolism boost.ǂ
  • Digest better for less bloating and sluggishness after eating with quercetin and a powerful triple-enzyme blend that helps you better digest protein, fat, and carbs for a healthy digestive rate and nutrient absorption.ǂ

Energize & Balance is formulated to be taken twice a day in easy-swallow capsules that contain no artificial “other ingredients.” This blend is not a quick spike energy jolt but an adaptogenic energy enhancer that also helps balance stress and tension.ǂ