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Antibiotic resistance is now a major global health problem, with drug-resistant superbugs popping up in nearly every corner of the world. Now, a new study being conducted by researchers in India reveals something interesting about antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Upon reviewing the data from nearly 300 countries, scientist Sharmila Mande and her colleagues have determined that drug-resistant bacteria vary based on geography. In speaking about their findings as part of a recent lecture series she said, “The antibiotic resistance differed from country to country. For instance in China, the antibiotics they are resistant to is very different from the antibiotics Europeans are resistant to.”

Researchers were then able to identify key types of drug-resistant bacteria, called resistotypes, which may help us treat superbugs more effectively in the future. By identifying specific resistotypes in stool samples, doctors can then prescribe the right antibiotics for the job, explained Mande.



Written by Renew Life

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