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Every day your body is exposed to countless toxins. They are present in the air you breathe, the food and water you consume, and even hidden in your household cleaners and personal care products. You do your best to stimulate healthy elimination with a high-fiber diet and regular herbal cleansing, but do you know about the natural benefits of colon hydrotherapy?

In order for your digestive system and your whole body to function optimally, toxins that have accumulated must be purged from the system. If you aren’t having regular bowel movements, stimulating the organs with herbs is counterproductive. Colon hydrotherapy is a perfect adjunct to almost any type of healing and cleansing regimen, as it naturally helps remove accumulated waste from the colon using an infusion of filtered water.

Through the years, ReNew Life founder and digestive care expert Brenda Watson has not only practiced colon hydrotherapy; she also developed and has taught the Florida Colon Hydrotherapy Curriculum for licensure and collaborated with various doctors who adapted her services for patients with cancer and cardiovascular issues as well as gastrointestinal conditions. Brenda has been very active with I-ACT, the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy.

Recently Brenda was asked by ColonicsTV producer Julie Tyler to appear in their very first online episode, which is now live at: Julie is dedicated to increasing awareness about colon hydrotherapy and helping practitioners become licensed and/or legally protected through Safe Harbor laws and statutes in ALL 50 states—and to get colonic treatments covered by insurance!

Brenda Watson on ColonicsTV

In addition to Brenda, the episode features other experts in the field and provides an eye-opening look at the history of colon hydrotherapy, common misconceptions, and its many benefits. Their mission? To hopefully inspire you and millions of others to learn more and take a positive step on the road to perfect health. (Maybe after those holiday parties and treats?)

Written by Renew Life

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