Ready, Set, Cleanse! Quick Tips for Success

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One of the great things about herbal cleansing is that it fits easily into your daily routine, which means no big changes like giving up solid foods or spending hours chopping up fruits and vegetables. If this is your first time cleansing, congrats! We’ve answered some frequently asked questions below to help you have a successful cleanse.

When do I take the capsules?
Check the directions on the box your cleansing formula came in, but most cleanses recommend taking the morning dose at the start of your day on an empty stomach and the evening dose before bed.

“I like it better than the juice and smoothie cleanses I used to do, because you can still eat normally while you cleanse, and you only have to take the pills twice a day.”
Sara, about taking First Cleanse

What should I eat while I’m cleansing?
Good question. We’ve put together these simple food guidelines, and we also recommend drinking plenty of water and increasing your daily fiber intake while you cleanse with high-fiber foods and/or fiber supplements. This will help absorb and remove toxins and waste from your body.*

Can I still take my other supplements?
You bet! But for maximum benefit, we recommend separating them from any part of your cleanse by at least an hour.


Written by Renew Life

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  • HostileHost

    I just completed the Parasmart 15 day cleanse, but I feel I should be doing more. At 57 I’ve never done any type if cleanse. Any suggestions. Also I was born in Great Britain to an Italian mother who grew up in central italy, born in 1932 my mother was a young child during the war. They were forced to leave the home and hid in the mountain areas to avoid casualties. They were infeted with bugs and who knows what else. My father, born in GB was a plumber. I’ve been overseas a number of times, have had intimacy with two foreigners, have eaten fresh figs directly from the trees, without washing, have been in foreign bodies of water out of the US, and have been in various lakes and rivers here and overseas. No health care professional has ever asked me any questions re the above.
    My question: what should I continue with now that I have completed the 15 day parasmart cleanse. Thank you