Parasites, Yeast and Fungus: What You Need to Know

Parasites, Yeast and Fungus: What You Need to KnowYou may not want to hear it, but harmful bacteria are a fact of life. In addition to the many types of good bacteria living in your body, there will always be some not-so-good organisms competing for available space. The trick is making sure those unfriendly organisms aren’t allowed to take over and grow out of control, which can happen when our defenses are down due to things like poor diet, stress and illness.

So Just What Is a Parasite?
A parasite is a microscopic organism (plant or animal) that derives nourishment from its host without benefiting or killing the host. In the human body, parasites can feed on our energy, our blood, our cells—even the foods we eat and the supplements we take, so it’s important to take steps to keep ourselves safe from these opportunistic organisms. (Note: there are both parasitic fungi and parasitic yeast, based on the nature of their behavior in the body.)

Intestinal parasites in particular are those that favor the environment in the intestines and can often lead to problems such as abnormal bowel movements, unexplained muscle aches or pains, low energy or fatigue, insomnia or disturbed sleep, as well as persistent skin problems. They may be contracted in many ways, some of which include raw meat/fish, polluted water or soil, contaminated fruits and veggies, contact with pets, insect bites and travel outside of the country.

What about Yeasts and Fungus?
Yeasts are microscopic organisms technically categorized under the fungus or “fungi” kingdom. One of the most commonly known yeast organisms is candida albicans, which exists normally in the human body but can cause big problems if allowed to thrive and multiply. When that happens, a person may suffer from candidiasis—the overgrowth of candida yeast. Symptoms of candidiasis are wide-ranging but may include fatigue, muscle aches and pains, sugar and carbohydrate cravings, recurrent vaginal yeast infections (in women), brain fog, and food sensitivities or allergies.

However, not all fungi are yeasts. A good example of this is nail fungus—a type of fungal infection that affects the fingernails and toenails and is typically caused by a group of fungi called dermatophytes that target the skin, hair and nails of humans and animals in order to gain the nutrients found there.

Finally, not all fungi and yeasts are bad. Many species of mushrooms, for example, are used both as food and for their medicinal benefits, and the beneficial yeast Saccharomyces boulardii has been shown to exert potent immune-supportive properties by binding with and helping to eliminate harmful bacteria from the digestive tract. S. boulardii also helps to strengthen the protective intestinal barrier and prevent unwanted pathogens from entering the bloodstream.

What Can I Do?
Regular herbal internal cleansing is important to help eliminate harmful microorganisms in the body, and most experts recommend a broad-spectrum antimicrobial cleanse at least twice yearly. An effective formula will include natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic herbs such as black walnut, clove, garlic, pau d’arco and caprylic acid (these herbs can be found in our CandiGONE and ParaGONE products). Daily supplementation with a high-potency probiotic formula is also essential for maintaining a healthy balance of intestinal bacteria—and preventing those not-so-good organisms from getting out of control.

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  • http://donothaveone carmen spence


    Carmen here Crohns for 47 years, I was wondering if taking some spices can help me eradicate my chronic diarrhea.

    Cayene Pepper, Oregano, Cinnamon, Fennel?

    Tumeric, I think I will mix them altogether, cant hurt too much.


  • renewlifesupport

    Hi Carmen,

    Crohn’s is such a complex disease, and people will respond differently to different herbs and spices. I don’t think there is anything wrong with trying out different spices. The herbs you’re suggesting all have potent medicinal value; fennel has been shown to help with gas and bloating, cinnamon may help with bowel cramping and spasms (we use this herb and others in our DiarEASE formula), oregano has proven anti-microbial properties, cayenne has been shown to stimulate digestive juices and enhance metabolism, and turmeric has a long list of beneficial properties—especially in relation to the liver.

    All in all, whole herbs and spices can provide significant benefit. However, you may want to start slowly and with just a couple of herbs; if one herb disagrees with you and you just took 5 of them, how would you know which one was the culprit? I would also recommend checking out ReNew Life’s complete line of digestive care supplements. We formulate products for people at all ends of the spectrum—those diarrhea, constipation, cramping, gas and other digestive issues. Good luck!

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  • renewlifesupport

    At any given time our bodies harbor trillions of microscopic organisms, the majority of which live in the digestive tract. Yeasts–including Candida albicans, the most common cause of vaginal yeast infections in women–thrive in the alkaline portions of our digestive system. Yeast infections happen when harmful yeast organisms are allowed to thrive and grow out of control in the body. This overgrowth typically results from a weakened immune system, which may be caused by illness, stress, travel, poor diet and other factors.

    Want to know more? Visit our Learning Center and read about Candida overgrowth and the natural solutions that can help prevent recurrent vaginal yeast infections. A daily high-potency probiotic for women such as Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support 50 Billion may also help replenish healthy bacteria in the vaginal and urinary tract.

  • concerned in ohio

    Hi, I am a 40 year old woman, recently diagnosed with systemic candidiasis, leaky gut, vitamin D deficiency, and various food allergies. I’m taking supplements from my DO for those issues.
    Recently I have noticed what looks to be liver flukes in my stool. Does ParaGone treat liver flukes? I was given a prescription pill for parasites about 8 weeks ago, but it looks like the flukes survived. I would like to treat it at home, as it is embarrasing to seek treatment for and I’m not finding anyone who knows much about it in my small town. Thanks!

  • psapio

    There are certain testing services that you can use to see exactly what type of parasite you have, and most will involve providing a stool sample to have it analyzed. Then, you can research further the type of parasite you have and what solutions may be helpful.

    ParaGONE contains herbs and natural compounds that have been used for centuries to address a wide variety of parasites. Some of these herbs were used by early European settlers to help manage the effects of parasites, so what we have seen is that ParaGONE generally provides very broad-spectrum support for parasites – even flukes. The nice part about ParaGONE as well is that it helps to address Candida overgrowth, which you have said is also an issue for you.

    Here are some sites that may be of interest for you: (a site that will allow you to order parasite tests yourself) or Good luck!

  • http://homepage Carrie

    Its not a comment, I’m seeking advise.I have Cirroses of the liver 3rd stage and tried the treatment in 2006 for 6 months,It didn’t work and the Doctor has requested me to continue the labs every 6 months and would like to do another biopsy soon,I’ve lost my health insurance since divorce and can’t afford it.Lately i’ve had extreme weight gain and fatigue and swelling in my legs and feet i’ve also started getting acne on my face and chest and have no energy whats so ever. Do you think that i’d benefit by probiotics and would you suggest a clense I’m 52 years old.And take a vitamin supplement and 81gms of asprin daily.

  • Jessica

    My husband has been diagnosed with nail & foot fungus. The oral meds can damage his liver. Anything that renew life has that could be more natural & healthy?

  • IslandGirl

    I contracted nail fungus by getting a pedicure at a local nail shop. I was told by a physician assistant to try tea tree oil, which is over the counter. She also said it would take a year to be cured. She was right. I recently cut away the last of the damaged nail. Good luck, hope this helps

  • Christina

    is PARAgone safe to take while nursing?

  • renewlifesupport

    It’s not advised to take ParaGone while nursing. However probiotics are safe and supportive for your baby.

  • renewlifesupport

    We’re sorry for the tardy response. Please consider joining Brenda Watson’s Community Forum for free here, where you can post directly to Brenda under “Ask Brenda” and also search years of her responses to other’s posts. Renew Life Support is unable to answer questions related to medical conditions.

  • Lauren

    Is it safe to take candidia gone while nursing?

  • Karin

    Can doing the para gone cleanse trigger yeast infection? Or smelly discharge?

  • renewlifesupport

    Hi Karin,
    Everyone’s response to cleansing is different. When you do a microbial cleanse like ParaGone, you’re actually focused on eliminating the microbes and their toxins. Any discharge could be associated, depending on your own body. It should clear shortly. Many times increasing your probiotics with a product like Renew Life Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support can be helpful. If you take probiotics, please remember to take them 2-3 hours away from ParaGone.

  • Amy

    I have justgotten back from seeing my doctor. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 3 years ago. During the the last three years I have have also been told i have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome. All my doctor would do is prescribes something. I have been very interested in the fact i was ok during a visit to the Dr. And 6 months later after getting gall stones i have all these problems.
    About a week ago I hears about candida and whatarethe signs of having it. Did I mention i have cronic yeast infections. After studying more about Candida i realze I have almost all the signs. I asked my Dr. to test me and he refused. Now I am going to do the Candigone regiment and I truely feel my systems will all but disappear.
    I will write in a month and let you knowhow it is going and what has changed.