Best in the Industry: Renew Life™ Products Earn 4 New Awards

product_award_collageRecently some of your favorite Renew Life products were chosen as the best in the industry by top health food retailer trade magazines including WholeFoods Magazine and Delicious Living, and we wanted to pass along the exciting news. Check out the details below!

Renew Life Skinny Gut Ultimate Shake
Taste for Life Essentials Award, Weight and Fitness Category (February)
Like us, the folks at Taste for Life magazine love helping people learn about the wholesome foods and nutritional solutions that can help them on the path to healthy living.‡ Their Essentials Awards honor those high-quality natural supplements they would recommend for their readers, and our Renew Life Skinny Gut Ultimate Shake was among them! The high-protein, fiber-rich, and certified-organic shake is grain free and formulated to promote digestive system balance to help achieve your goals.‡*

*Renew Life Skinny Gut supplements, along with lifestyle changes, promote digestive system balance to help achieve your ideal weight.‡

Ultimate Flora Women’s Complete 90 Billion Probiotic
Delicious Living Best in Women’s Health Finalist (March)
Every year Delicious Living magazine asks for product nominations from natural retailers, manufacturers, and their readers in order to select the best of the best for you and your family. Ultimate Flora Women’s Complete 90 Billion Probiotic is a high-potency, multi-strain probiotic with 90 billion live cultures and 12 strains per capsule of the most scientifically researched, beneficial probiotic bacteria—Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli. It is designed to help re-establish digestive balance, support immune health, and promote vaginal and urinary health.‡

Ultimate Flora (brand)
WholeFoods Magazine, Natural Choice Award, # 1 Best-selling Probiotic Brand (April)
The WholeFoods Magazine Natural Choice Awards are something special. They ask their readers to vote on their favorite products in 18 different categories, and our Ultimate Flora probiotic line came out on top in its category. Ultimate Flora high-potency formulas combine multiple strains of beneficial probiotics to support digestive and immune health.‡

Vitamin Retailer VITY Award, Specialty & Herbal Supplement Category – Fiber/Internal Cleanse Supplement (June)
Each year Vitamin Retailer magazine puts together a select list of natural supplements chosen to receive a VITY Award for excellence based on a nationwide retailer survey. Products are judged based on ingredient quality, targeted health benefits, and consumer popularity, and we consider it the highest honor when one of our products is recognized.

CleanseMORE™ is a potent herbal formula with natural magnesium to stimulate and hydrate the bowel.‡ It helps relieve occasional constipation without cramping discomfort and promotes the elimination of waste and toxins to help you feel rejuvenated.‡ We say keep those VITYs coming!

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Eat Protein & Veggies First for Healthy Blood Sugar

kabobNearly 30 million Americans are living with diabetes, putting them at a greater risk of heart disease, kidney disease, blindness, and even premature death. From previous studies we know that a healthy diet is critical to diabetes control and prevention, and now a new report published in the journal Diabetes Care takes that advice one step further.

In addition to eating the right foods, researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College have determined that the order in which we eat certain foods may impact blood sugar levels after eating—and that eating protein and veggies first (before carbohydrates) may help regulate insulin levels and in turn help keep blood sugar in check.

The small study looked at nearly a dozen morbidly obese adults with type 2 diabetes. After monitoring their food intake, it was discovered that post-meal blood glucose levels were significantly lower (by as much as 29%) up to two hours after eating when protein and vegetables were consumed before carbs.

Because starchy carbohydrates break down into sugar in the body and can cause sharp spikes in blood sugar, study author Louis Aronne believes this simple step may be a helpful way for diabetics to manage their blood sugar levels throughout the day. Ideally, health experts agree that a diet low in carbs, sugar, and grains and high in non-starchy vegetables, low-sugar fruits, protein, fermented foods, and healthy fats is the most beneficial.

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