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cup-of-teaYou’ve almost made it through January, but it feels like spring is light years away. The holidays are over, reality has set in, and suddenly you want to trade in all those New Year’s resolutions for a weekend of pizza and couch surfing. Here’s a better idea: reboot your health with a full body cleanse.‡

Every day we face an onslaught of harmful toxins from our air, food, water, household cleaners—you name it. Over time, those toxins can build up in the body and cause our health to decline. Natural body cleansing can help reduce our toxic burden by helping the body more efficiently eliminate toxins and waste.‡ Here are three good reasons to cleanse:

  • Jumpstart Weight Loss: Do your 2015 health resolutions include shedding those extra pounds you gained over the holidays? One of the best ways to jumpstart a weight loss program is with cleansing.‡ Studies show toxins are commonly stored in fat cells in the body, so the more fat cells you have, the more toxins your body may retain. As you lose weight, toxins are drawn out and released into the bloodstream where they can slow metabolism and make it harder to burn fat, which is why regular internal cleansing is often recommended.‡
  • Better Digestion: A buildup of toxins in the body can overwhelm our natural cleansing organs, especially when the bowel (colon) is sluggish. Cleansing the colon promotes regularity and helps purge unwanted toxins and waste, clearing the way for other organs to function properly.‡ Look for a full body cleanse with an added colon cleanse to support bowel health and promote at least one healthy bowel movement daily.‡
  • Support for Your Natural Detox Channels: The channels of elimination that help filter and remove harmful toxins and waste from the body include: the blood, bowel, kidneys, lymphatic system, lungs, liver and skin. If any one of these channels is not functioning properly, overall health may suffer, which is why many natural health practitioners recommend a total body cleanse at the start of each new season to help the body cope with its constant task of eliminating toxins and waste.‡

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walking-shoesObesity and a lack of exercise have long been associated with an increased risk of heart disease and premature death, but a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that being inactive may take even more years off your life than being obese. However, just one brisk walk every day may reduce the risk of an early death by up to 30 percent.

Dr. Ulf Ekelund and a team of researchers from the University of Cambridge recently analyzed the health data from more than 300,000 men and women who participated in a 12-year health and nutrition study. They compared factors such as height, weight and physical activity to overall death rates and found that the rate of premature death in those who were inactive was more than double the rate of those who were obese.

Participants were classified as either inactive or moderately active. Members of the inactive group were likely to have sedentary jobs and not exercise at all, while members of the moderately active group also had sedentary jobs but reported some daily physical activity—comparable to about a 20-minute walk at a vigorous pace. Just that brief walk, the team determined, was enough to decrease the risk of an early death by 16 to 30 percent.

If indeed staying physically active—even just a little bit each day—can add years to your life, why not make it a point to get moving in 2015? Start with that brisk, 20-minute walk each day!

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