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It sounds like a plot summary from the latest sci-fi novel: Super strains of harmful bacteria impervious to even the strongest antibiotics. But recent evidence of an antibiotic-resistant gene originating in India has medical experts on high alert and was a topic of much discussion at a recent American Society for Microbiology conference in Boston.

Three people from the U.S. and two from Canada—all of whom had recently traveled to India—became severely sick as the result of the gene scientists are calling NDM-1, which seems to prefer latching on to bacteria that cause intestinal or urinary tract infections. India is well known for its overpopulation and widespread disease, and in each case the individual had either received emergency medical care while visiting or had gone there for medical treatment.  

In recent decades drug-resistant bacteria have become a growing concern, and many experts worry that America’s hygiene obsession and dependence on antibiotics will soon backfire, breeding more and more “superbugs” that don’t respond to normal antibiotic treatment. Essentially, antibiotic resistance happens when our bodies actually become resistant to the effects of a certain antibiotic (or antibiotics) over time because of misuse or overuse of those particular drugs. Widespread use of antibacterial soaps and cleansers also adds to the problem by actually increasing the resistance of certain harmful bacteria.

In addition to practicing good hygiene, experts recommend only taking antibiotics when absolutely necessary, always completing the prescribed dose, and never taking antibiotics prescribed for someone else. Taking a daily probiotic supplement is also recommended to help strengthen the body’s natural defense system, much of which is found in the gut.


Written by Renew Life

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  • jw stevenson

    About year and a half ago,because of a bladder infection was put on intibiotics at such time i was on them for 24 days because the Dr. said i had resitance to the antibiotics he prescribed. Sense then i have lower bowel pain and constant wartery stools,dont know what to do.

  • renewlifesupport

    Because of your persistent symptoms, we recommend consulting your physician to rule out any underlying issues. A comprehensive stool test will also help to determine what’s going on in your digestive tract so that you can move toward finding relief. In the meantime, we recommend taking a high-potency probiotic to help replenish good bacteria levels in the colon. Our Ultimate Flora Critical Colon 80 Billion is a maximum-strength colon support probiotic formulated for people with acute digestive care needs and may help with your discomfort.

  • Larry Potts M.D.

    Have a stool sample checked for C. Difficle toxin. It is produced by and over growth of the
    C. Difficle bact when it overgrows in the gut after antibiotics have suppressed the normal flora. This is so common now. It may be readily treated with oral Flagyl or oral Vancomycin. It is best not to let this go and the colon can become quite inflamed. As noted above see a Dr for exam. Sometimes you have to see a GI specialist for follow up. Hope you are well now.