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When you take away the flowers and chocolate, Valentine’s Day really is something special: a whole day devoted to telling the people we love how very special they are. Sure, we should be doing that every day, but who couldn’t use a little reminder every now and then? Here are two new stories that help us remember just how important love really is.

Longtime Couples Share the Secret of Lasting Love
Great love stories don’t just happen in books and in the movies. Day after day, real people meet, fall in love, and live happily ever after—so what’s their secret? As it turns out, it may be a bunch of little things that help love endure over the years. In a recent survey commissioned by a retirement property agency in the UK, the majority of couples over 50 said small acts like saying “I love you” every day is important, along with kissing one another frequently. Having fun and being silly was also important, and simply spending time at home together won out over big vacations or celebrations.

Love is the Key to Health and Happiness, Says Harvard Professor
After completing a long-term study involving more than 700 men, Harvard Medical School psychiatry professor Robert Waldinger believes he may have found the secret to health and happiness: strong relationships. In fact, he believes having someone in our lives we can count on—a spouse, a family member, a friend—is the key to living longer, staying happy, and preserving our physical and mental well-being. In contrast, a lack of strong social connections was linked to poor health and earlier mental decline. Hmm. Maybe love really is all we need…?

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