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While most of us know that eating seafood is great for general health, it’s the healthful fat, omega-3, found in fish and other marine creatures, that has been making a splash in medical literature. Doctors are now taking note; omega-3 may be one of the keys to battling a condition facing roughly 1 in 3 American adults, cardiovascular disease. Thousands of clinical studies on omega-3 confirm its use can be especially helpful for cardiovascular health and is known to also support mood, joint, skin and brain health too.

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that our bodies require daily but can’t make from other fats in the diet. Seafood, especially fatty fish, certain algae, grass-fed animal products and some seeds such as chia contain omega-3, but many of us who don’t eat these foods on a regular basis can come up short in this crucial fat. Not only are typical American diets seriously lacking in omega-3, research suggests that higher amounts of omega-3 may be the best option for the millions of Americans with cardiovascular disease and risk factors such as high blood pressure and cholesterol. Although exact dosages will vary, many doctors now suggest that their patients, especially those with cardiovascular issues up their intake of omega-3 to 800-1,000 mg daily. Consuming enough fish daily is a challenge, plus the fish we eat cannot be purified and may contain harmful levels of mercury, PCBs and other impurities so for many supplementation is the best option.

Taking a high quality oil supplement is a great way to get all the benefits of fish without having to eat fish every day or worry about the levels of contaminants on your plate. Fish oil supplements are a well established, simple and effective way to boost omega-3 intake. Renew Life’s Omega Smart Super Critical contains a blend of fish oils sourced from unthreatened, cold-water fish with the highest concentration available of the most important omega-3 fats, EPA and DHA and added 1000 IU of vitamin D3, which is vital to bone health and healthy immunity. Many fish oils contain much lower levels of EPA/DHA and can contain up to 70% saturated and monounsaturated fats. Each Omega Smart Super Critical softgel contains 900 mg of EPA/DHA omega-3, this amount is three times the amount of omega-3 as a standard fish oil supplement and exceeds the leading prescription fish oil levels.

Another option for omega-3 supplementation is antioxidant-rich Antarctic krill oil. Krill are among the most abundant species in the ocean. These tiny crustaceans naturally contain a form of omega-3 thought to be more readily absorbed by the body and especially helpful for the brain. Omega Smart Super Krill contains both Antarctic krill oil and a blend of super concentrated fish oils with over twice the amount of omega-3 found in other krill formulas plus phospholipids, the antioxidant astaxanthin and added 1000 IU of vitamin D3 for powerful support of the brain, heart, immune system, bones and joints.

With more and more physicians suggesting daily omega-3 it can be difficult to decide which product to choose. Look for the kind of pharmaceutical strength support a doctor would recommend at your nearest retail outlet and be sure the supplement you choose provides the cleanest oils available. The new Omega Smart Super Critical and Super Krill oils are third party tested and certified by stringent IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards) tests to ensure product potency, purity and freshness of the oils. For more information about where you can find Omega Smart oils, click here.

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