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Wonder why Americans are plagued with heartburn, constipation and bloating? Join ReNew Life Formulas founder Brenda Watson on The Joy Behar Show tonight on CNN at 9:00 pm. Watch as she uncovers the direct link between an unbalanced gut and weight gain, and how constipation, bloating and heartburn are just a few of the warning signs of bigger problems down the line. Brenda will be joining Suzanne Somers, who is guest hosting the show to promote her informative and inspiring new book, Sexy Forever: How to Fight Fat after Forty – Shed the Toxins, Shed the Fat.

Brenda was one of the main contributors of Suzanne’s new book, helping her understand the complexities of the gut as it pertains to weight loss. Like most of Suzanne’s other books, this is sure to be a New York Times best seller (already at #15 on Amazon).

Look for Brenda in the second segment, right after Dr. Andrew Weil. For more information, here’s a link to Joy’s show:

It is sure to be a fun, exciting and eye-opening evening for all. Don’t miss it!


Written by Renew Life

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