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Research proves that beneficial Omega fats from fish and plant sources provide oodles of benefits for the whole body, which is why experts like those at the American Heart Association recommend at least 500mg every day for optimal health. And now it’s easier than ever to get your daily dose of Omegas in just one supplement!

NEW Norwegian Gold Every Omega from ReNew Life is a full-spectrum Omega-35679 supplement that combines supercritical fish oil with cold-pressed chia, pomegranate, sea buckthorn and borage oils for advanced total-body support. Just one ultra-concentrated fish gel has a whopping 1,000mg of total Omegas to provide proven benefits for the heart, joints, mood, digestion, immune health and more–plus 1,000 IU vitamin D3 for added skin and bone support. Try it today and discover the difference!

Norwegian Gold Every Omega 3•5•6•7•9

  • ULTRA-concentrated; Over 80% Total Omegas
  • Enteric-coated; 3X More Absorption & Less Burping
  • Lipase-enhanced Digestion
  • Natural Orange Flavor
  • 100% Fish Gelatin Softgels

Written by Renew Life

At Renew Life, we believe a healthy gut is a happy gut. For nearly two decades we have been formulating superior quality digestive care supplements to help people achieve optimal health from the inside out.* We proudly stand behind the quality, purity, and potency of every product we make. Sign up for our emails to receive new product announcements, company news, and exclusive offers!

  • Phyll

    I am using “First Omega” and find that the shape and size is difficult to swallow. I currently swallow this shape in a smaller pill “Coenzyme Q10” without a problem. I am also able to swallow larger, dry capsuls, “Amino Max”.

    I feel sure that “First Omega” is the best to take; however, I am hoping that the shape or size could be changed.

    Thank you

  • renewlifesupport

    The First Omega capsules are actually the smallest of our fish oil caps and are designed to be easier to swallow than many larger capsules. However, because we are always working on improving our products to provide the most benefit for our customers, we welcome your comments and will take them into consideration as we continue to develop our Norwegian Gold line. Thank you!