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High blood sugar worries are just for people with diabetes, right? Actually, no. Brenda Watson’s myth-busting info graphic below outlines some of the common misconceptions spread by modern medicine and what you can do to monitor your daily sugar intake. A condition known as prediabetes is sneaking up on many of us. Prediabetes often has no symptoms and is very bad for your heart. The good news is that it’s reversible—that’s right, your health is in your own hands!

Know your facts and do the math to cut down on your sugar and hidden-sugar foods using this info graphic. Scroll down below the image for an embed code and instructions on how to share this myth buster with others!

ReNew Life & Brenda Watson: High Blood Sugar Not a Problem? Think Again

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Written by tfritz

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  • Bill Berdnik

    I became dieibetic about 5 years ago. I’m not over weight, 6’1 183 lbs no one in my family is dieibetic that I know of.I have a brother that is 70 I’m 56. I have used parazime for years to controll digestive issues,its a great product.Can you help me controll my dieibeties? Please!!!!

    Bill B.

  • http://none Yvonne Johnson

    What product is good for lowering high blood glucose?

  • ReNew Life

    Renew Life doesn’t have a formula that helps support healthy blood sugar levels. Although good digestion is of great importance to all your systems.
    Renew Life Support



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