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5 Awesome Reasons to Love Ultimate Flora

You’re smart. You care about your health. And by now you know that probiotics are a natural powerhouse for better digestion, a stronger immune system, and a healthier body. But when it comes to choosing the right probiotic supplement, where do you begin? What should you look for? And how can you tell the difference between one probiotic and the next? It’s simple—start with Ultimate Flora.

ReNew Life’s award-winning Ultimate Flora line of high-potency probiotics includes seven unique supplements specially formulated to provide daily, therapeutic and targeted support to enhance digestion and regularity, support natural defenses, and promote a healthy balance of intestinal and urogenital bacteria. So when you’re ready to choose the probiotic that’s right for you, here are 5 awesome reasons to reach for Ultimate Flora:

High Culture Count. And by that we mean billions—at least 15 billion per single capsule in every formula. Because when it comes to beneficial bacteria, more is always better. Got tummy troubles? Try Ultimate Flora Critical Colon with 80 billion active cultures and plenty of Bifidobacteria for maximum digestive support.

Multiple Strains. Different strains of bacteria work in different parts of the digestive tract, which is why our Ultimate Flora supplements contain at least 10 different strains of healthy flora, including clinically proven strains of Bifidobacteria to support the colon and Lactobacilli to support the small intestine and urogenital tract.

Enteric-GUARD™ Delayed Release Technology. News flash: if your probiotics aren’t making it safely to your intestines, you’re missing out on the benefits. Our exclusive delayed release coating protects the probiotics inside each capsule from harsh stomach acid and delivers them directly to the intestines where they are needed and utilized by the body.

Potent-GUARD™ Guarantee. While many companies only guarantee the potency (or amount of active cultures) at the time of manufacture, we guarantee maximum potency through the product expiration date under recommended storage conditions. That’s a whole lotta good bacteria!

No Fillers, Binders or Added Ingredients. Here at ReNew Life we don’t believe in putting any extra ingredients into our products that your body doesn’t need, and this holds true for our entire Ultimate Flora line. After all, why put more chemicals and toxins in your body when your goal is to try to get them out?

Visit our Learning Center for more information about probiotics and your health, and be sure to check out our YouTube video below for more information about Ultimate Flora Critical Colon 80 Billion. You can find the entire Ultimate Flora line at, including Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion, Ultimate Flora Advanced Immunity, and Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support 50 Billion.

Written by psapio

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