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Nowadays teaching our children about good nutrition is more important than ever, especially since many kids fall short when it comes to getting the essential nutrients their growing bodies need. Several recent studies about kids’ health have warned parents about the dangers of too much sugar and not enough fiber in the diet, pointing out that such eating habits can significantly impact their health in the long run.

Up to 80% of the immune system is found in and around the digestive tract, but a high-sugar, low-fiber diet can deplete the amount of good bacteria in your child’s gut. This can lead to occasional tummy upset, poor digestion, and a decrease in healthy immune function. Probiotic supplements for kids are a safe and gentle way to help replenish the balance of good bacteria in the digestive tract and support the developing immune system.* Below are three key benefits of adding a daily probiotic to your child’s diet:

  1. Healthy Immune Function* Added beneficial bacteria support a healthy digestive balance and help teach the immune system to respond appropriately to outside challenges.*
  2. Regular Bowel Movements* Regular elimination needs a healthy balance of good bacteria in the gut. Daily probiotics have been shown to help support that balance, which in turn promotes regularity and helps prevent the occasional upset tummy.*
  3. Healthy Digestion* In addition to producing vitamins—including important B vitamins—probiotics produce digestive enzymes and support regular, balanced digestion.*

Written by Renew Life

At Renew Life, we believe a healthy gut is a happy gut. For nearly two decades we have been formulating superior quality digestive care supplements to help people achieve optimal health from the inside out.* We proudly stand behind the quality, purity, and potency of every product we make. Sign up for our emails to receive new product announcements, company news, and exclusive offers!

  • Lakuma

    I understand that Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotic Capsules contains no wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, shellfish, tree nuts. However peanuts are not the same as tree nuts, can you please tell me if I can give this to my kid who is allergic to peanuts?

  • We do not include any ingredients derived from peanuts in our Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotic. However, we cannot guarantee that the materials were not exposed to peanuts at some point in the supply chain. Furthermore, the manufacturing facility where the product is produced is not a peanut free facility. Hope this was helpful!