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Using Prilosec because of NSAID use (naproxen sodium)

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Using Prilosec because of NSAID use (naproxen sodium)
June 14, 2011
12:29 pm
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March 23, 2010

Hi Sandy,

We usually recommend the Acid Blocker Recovery for people who are on acid blockers for heartburn/acid reflux, and who have already decided that they want to wean themselves off. Acid Blocker Recovery (described on page 604 of the Road to Perfect Health Book, available through PBS Stations) outlines suggestions like taking half the dose of the acid blocker and taking 5-10 grams of additional L-glutamine plus a high potency probiotic.

In your case though, you are on acid blockers for a different reason (chronic NSAID use), so unfortunately we can't recommend our standard weaning protocol because we can't be sure your stomach would be protected. 

At this point, it would be wonderful if you consult with your doctor about your concerns to see if there are other options for you. 

I hope that helps, thank you for using our products!

June 12, 2011
12:41 pm
Julie A.

Hi Sandy,

I had back surgery in 1996 and took naproxen for an extended period of time.  I think this, coupled with the natural loss of HCL as I got a bit older, stress, and just being "health unaware" at the time, contributed to what became chronic severe heartburn, acid reflux, or whatever you want to call it.  On the advice of my doctor I began with a bit of Zantac (still an rx then).  I became a total antiacid junkie.  Everything I ate caused pain and I required a higher dosage of Zantac...later graduating to Prilosec then Nexium.  My doctors suggested their use would "protect my stomach". 


Sandy, these meds will only keep you from feeling the pain and discomfort of heartburn.  They will not protect your stomach lining.  They will keep your body from digesting food properly and absorbing nutrients as your body needs stomach acid.  Chronic use of antiacids can also contribute to the onset of osteoporosis. 


There are many paths to relief and not each one works for everyone.  Once I began drinking a tablespoon of raw cider vinegar in 8 oz of water (with a few drops of Stevia to make it tolerable) first thing in the morning and before each meal, added probiotics, HCL tabs, digestive enzymes, and fiber (amounts and frequencies are unique to each person--I suggest seeing a naturopathic physician), my heartburn is gone after 15 years.  Also my lipid profile is improved.  It's been a journey and I've thrown alot at the wall to see what sticks.  If you want to protect your stomach lining, I have seen marshmallow (the herb, not the puffy sweet thingys) recommended.  I use many RenewLife products and have found Life Extension Foundation to be a good source of health information as well.


Good luck on your journey.

June 11, 2011
11:44 am

Hi Brenda,


New to the forums but happy to be here. I have used probiotics for years and was so happy to see your program and info on PBS.

I have osteoarthritis in my low back and must take NSAIDs (naproxen sodium), in order to be able to function.

As a result of this my Dr. has recommended I take Prilosec to protect my stomach.

With all the new research now about the dangers of Prilosec on bone health & stomach health long term, I am re-thinking this course and was

hoping you could offer some suggestions on how I can start to wean off of Prilosec withut risking harm to my stomach from the naproxen

sodium. I get weekly massages and do some gentle exersicise to try to take care of my back, but have found that naproxen is the drug that

gives me enough relief to allow even this much activity. Please advise on how I might take some steps toward a better balance.

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