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New to probiotics..need advice

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New to probiotics..need advice
August 14, 2011
1:20 pm
New Member
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August 14, 2011

Nice to see article .Every should know the importance of diet.

December 22, 2010
10:22 pm
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March 23, 2010

Hello and welcome to the ReNew Life community! It sounds like you have had quite the struggle, but reaching out is a good first step and hopefully ReNew Life can be a helpful partner on your journey toward better health.

First things first, and it sounds like you already know this, but diet and lifestyle play a very important role in our health and how we look and feel every day. Poor eating habits and a lack of physical activity often lead to a breakdown in digestive health, and because the majority of our natural immune defenses are found in the digestive system, this can trigger a vicious cycle of weight gain, poor digestion, and a host of other health problems that can affect the whole body.

That said, there is no “magic bullet” supplement that will help you lose weight, feel better, or eliminate all of your problems just by taking it. It is really up to you to make the choice to live healthier and take steps every day toward your goal. But, the good news is they can be small steps—like cutting out just one food from your diet that you know is unhealthy, having one less cup of coffee each day, or researching a type of physical activity that you can do, even with your back problems.

It may seem overwhelming now—especially with all you have been through—but if you try to do at least one thing every day, or even every week, to achieve your goal, the hard work will pay off. Then, once you begin taking those small steps, yes—natural supplements including probiotics can help you along the way. There is a lot of helpful information in our Learning Center as well as on Brenda’s site that can help you better understand what is going on in your body and what you can do to feel better. We’d also like to send you a free copy of Brenda’s Gut Solutions book to help you get started. Contact Sandee Kiser at 1-800-830-1800 and let her know your address so we can send it out to you. You may also contact our Customer Service team at any time if you’d like to speak with someone in person or if you have additional questions.

Lastly, no matter what your age, how much you weigh, or how you feel, your body has an extraordinary natural healing power and you ARE strong enough to make the changes you need to make. Just remember to take one day at a time, make small but important changes, and even start keeping a journal of your goals and the changes you begin to make.

Good luck and good health,

Your friends at ReNew Life

December 20, 2010
5:06 pm

Hi all,

I just watched the Pbs show and it sounds like probiotics may be the answer for me. I want to buy Brenda Watson's program,but being right before Christmas and out of work, I can't afford it at the moment. I was hoping someone could help me with advice on what product or products to start with. Here is my medical history:

I am a 44 y.o. female. I have gained 60 pounds in the past two years. I unfortunately also smoke. I had my gallbladder removed in 97'.

I am a long time sufferer of acid reflux and go through tums like candy. I have a big bottle by my bed and am up usually 4 x a night eating tums because the reflux is so bad it chokes me. I've actually had it come up into my nose while sleeping and could not breathe. A new symptom has cropped about starting about 6 monthes ago. It seems something is happening in my gut as I sleep and I am awaken with such a distended stomach, it is hard as a rock and looks like I'm nine months pregnant. A few times at its worse there has been pain associated with it, but most of the time its just this huge stomach. If I sit up or get up and walk sometimes I will immediately belch, sometimes like ten times and it feels somewhat better. Other times I will pass gas and get relief also. Only two times I woke with pretty severe pain and had to vomit on one of the occassions.

This is mostly happening during my sleep but now I am starting to notice the distention during the day sometimes. I can't really pin point any certain foods that cause this, it doesn't seem to matter. I don't eat very healthy, I know and like I said I am overweight. I am also a big coffee drinker.

My bowel movements are quite regular and never have diarrhea. I would guess that they are harder than they should be, but I don't belive I suffer from constipation.

I haven't taken any antibiotics before this began. I also have 3 ruptured disks in my back and have chronic pain associated with that. So I live a quite sedenatary lifestyle and am not able to do much activity at all. If I try and exercise even by going for walks I end up in bed for three days. I know a big part of this is my weight,I have always been able to lose weight in the past fairly easy, not the case anymore. My weight has yo-yo'd my entire life but I am heavier now than I have ever been.

I know I have to begin a whole new healthier life style, diabetes runs in my family and I'm sure that is in my future if I don't get myself together. I am committed to making changes. This is really out of hand. I'm not quite ready to give up smoking yet although I would love to, I did it before and quit for 6 years and like a fool went back. It was probably the hardest thing I have ever done quitting these stinking things. I hate being a slave to them, I guess I am scared to go through the process again.

I really have very limited knowledge as far as supplements, probiotics, oils, its all so confusing. Can anyone please give me help with a product plan until I can buy Ms. Watson's books and cd's? If I have left anything else about my history out please feel free to ask. i am an open book. Thank you so very much.

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