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IBS-Constipation, Inflamed Intestines

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IBS-Constipation, Inflamed Intestines
October 17, 2010
10:31 pm
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March 23, 2010

Hi Lilly,

In response to your questions:

It is fine for you to take the Ultimate Flora Senior Formula if you’d like. Really, the more Bifidobacteria, the better, so you may even wish to take our Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion or Critical Colon 80 Billion Formula.

With constipation it’s important to keep in mind that it is typically caused by a combination of things, including diet and lifestyle factors such as too little fiber in the diet, not drinking enough water, too little exercise, stress, illness, etc. Increasing your fiber intake, as well as adding a natural oil supplement and a probiotic to your daily regimen may prove beneficial, and we also offer several products formulated specifically to address a constipated bowel.

OilSMART and FishSMART Ultra will both provide the benefit of soothing and lubricating the bowel to promote regularity as well as overall health; FishSMART Ultra is recommend especially for those with digestive issues because it contains soothing peppermint oil. Yes, Intestinal Bowel Support is made up of two products—Intestinal Bowel Soother and IntestiNEW—and both products work to nourish and support the bowel overall, so they are effective in addressing both diarrhea and constipation.

With regard to cleansing, we typically recommend a 3-step program that begins with a General Total-Body Cleanse (2 to 4 times yearly), followed by an Enhanced Cleansing & Detox Formula, followed by a Microbial Cleanse, so you may wish to begin with one of our total-body cleansing formulas such as First Cleanse or CleanseSMART. However, it is up to you and what feels best for your body.

Finally, as far as choosing a fiber product, again it is what works best for your body/lifestyle. FiberSMART has added ingredients for those with sensitive colons (such as probiotics and nourishing amino acids), while Organic Triple Fiber includes acacia fiber and oat bran for added heart health. Organic Clear Fiber is convenient for getting your fiber on the go since it mixes easily with foods and beverages without altering their flavor or texture, so really it’s up to you, but with any of our fiber products you will get the natural health benefits that fiber provides. You can also learn more about enzymes here.

Because you have so many questions, we really recommend calling and speaking with one of our Customer Service team members who can walk you through any additional questions/concerns and get you on the right path, since your health is our main concern. The number is 1-800-830-1800, and they are available 9am-6pm EST Monday through Thursday, and 9am-5pm EST on Friday. Good health to you!

October 14, 2010
10:58 pm
New Member
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October 5, 2010

I had a colonoscopy performed and was diagnosed with IBS-C and inflamed intestines. I have tried to read and educate myself on where to begin in order to feel better (doctors will only tell you to change your diet without any guidance). So, I just bought several renew life products that thought might help with my symptoms such as: fatigue, constipation, prehypertension, tenderness in the upper right quadrant (I think is my liver although the doctor says my liver is fine… I don’t smoke or drink any alcohol), low ferritin levels (4 ng), on and off vaginal candidiasis, etc.


I believe all the symptoms were caused by the inflamed intestines in the first place. I don’t know if this is what’s called “leaky gut syndrome” (Is it?). So, if my gut heals I believe my ferritin level will improved and other minerals will be better absorbed and my fatigue and constipation will not be a problem. 


So, I finally decided to make a change in my eating habits (chocolate, sweets…) and started reading on renew life products; after having another episode of yeast infection two months ago.


Here is the plan I deceided to follow (although I still have questions if I chose the right products for my symptoms) Please guide me through on whether a product might not be good for me:

First I changed my diet (low salt, veggies, fruits, fish or chicken, almost no sweets but cannot get rid of white bread (two slices every morning) and one/two cup of coffee a day with Stevia)…

  1. Rapid yeast relief product (took it already, it worked fine)
  2. Vaginal Formula+ Candizyme + Fish Smart Ultra + Fibersmart (after two weeks constipation continued so I also took Cleansemore and SeniorFormula this week and relief the constipation a little)  By taking these, I've had  one bowel movement a day, mot much but at least something; I am not sure which helped if the extra bifidus or the cleansemore herbs. Cleansemore gave me heartburn so I stopped taking it.

                 Question: Is it ok taking SeniorFormula or is it too much bifidus to take for a 40 yrs old? I want to have a bowel movement at least once a day without taking the cleansemore product.


    4.  Once I finished with  these five products I am planning on taking: Intestinew, Bowel Soother, flora smart 12 bil, OilSmart and Fibersmart

                 Questions: Is Flora Smart 12 enough for my constipation problem? Is OilSmart better than OilFishUltra?

                   I am totally confused with the Intestinew and Bowel Soother products; the website says they are for diarrhea                                   concerns, however they are the same products as the intestinal bowel support package which says is for constipation concerns. Should I take them for my constipation and my inflamed intestines problems?


      5.  Once I finish these I’ll take: DailyMulti Detox+ UltimateFlora Adultl 15 Bill + FishSmartUltra(or OilSmart not sure which is better) and FiberSmart

                  Questions: Is OilSmart better than FishSmartUltra?


     6.  Once I finish with these I’ll take: LiverDetox + FiberSmart+FishSmartUltra+ a probiotic(don’t know which yet)

                  Questions: Is it ok to take Liver Detox at this point in the plan? If I don’t have a bowel movement everyday should I not take the LiverDetox product? Also it says in the website to take it with OrganicFiberClear (but then this product says is for diarrhea concerns? What should I take fiberwise???

And which probiotic would you suggest for me?

Don’t know if enzymes will be necessary at this point. Are they?


Please, I will appreciate if you help me with my questions! Thanks!

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