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HELP!!! Detox/Cleanse so many questions?????

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HELP!!! Detox/Cleanse so many questions?????
October 25, 2010
1:52 pm
diane rizun

Hi Kathy,

It sure sounds like you have candida. I did--without the common symptoms. This was several yr ago. I found ReNew products, Brenda's research, etc made so much sense. I did some of the cleanses and was so impressed that I did all 6 cleanses which took me 6 months. That changed my life. I've since kept up with a few cleanses pertinent to my body system.

I am a retired ER RN of 20yr, followed by 20yr of holistic private practice where I had many clients who benefitted from my own research and treatment.

I hope this helps. You can find me on FB, write a comment so I remember you, as I don't accept friends I don't know.

Wishing you all the best,

Diane Rizun

September 24, 2010
10:38 am
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March 23, 2010

Hi Kathy,

Congrats to you for taking these first important steps toward taking back control of your body and your health. It sounds like it has certainly been a trying few years. If you haven’t yet had a chance to visit Brenda’s personal forum, take a moment to read through and you’ll see that many people have had similar problems and Brenda has provided some very good advice. However, we do recommend beginning with a Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (or CDSA) which you can order through Lab Testing Direct to get a better idea of what’s going on in your stool. Use the code “Watson” for a discount. Once you have the results, you can share them with Brenda through her forum and she may be able to offer advice about the next possible steps.

With regard to your questions, diet and lifestyle habits play a significant role in healthy digestive function and overall well being, and as you know our digestive tract is where roughly 80% of our natural defenses are found. That said, ReNew Life provides some helpful suggestions/guidelines in the Cleansing and Yeast Diets section of our blog, so you may want to start there.

With regard to the cleansing steps, it is entirely up to you and what feels right for your body. Our 3-step cleansing process is simply a guideline, and you know your body the best. You may also wish to wait for the results of the CDSA before moving on in your cleansing regimen.

While the CandiGONE cleanse contains herbs that have been used traditionally for their antifungal properties, with mold issues it is important to find the source of mold in your home (or office, etc.) and take steps to eliminate the problem at the root. Our Ultimate Flora Advanced Immunity formula may also help with upper respiratory issues.

Good luck and good health!

September 22, 2010
8:28 pm
New Member
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September 22, 2010

Wow where to start with my story? Yell I found out 10 yrs ago I suffered from intestinal malrotation, basically my intestines are not in the correct postions, this was a defect from birth even though it took 19 yrs to reveal itself. Throughout childhood I was pretty healthy just suffered from frequent sinus infections and some mild back and lower body ligament issues. 

Over the last 2 yrs my health has taken a big decline.  First it started off with sleep issues and then I was constantly sick. I suffered in 09' from with yeast/bladder infections, sinus infections, bronchitis and pneumonia. I was on and off antibotics, steroids etc most of the year. In December 09' I had sinus surgery due to very swollen turbinates and a deviated septum. i was suffering very bad headaches and facial pain. The surgery worked wonders with regards to the fact that I havent had a sinus infection yet this year.

Also last year we found out our home had bad mold in the walls and made a decision to leave it due to familys health. We had lived in the house over 4 yrs.

Well this year has been quite a battle and my health has really taken a toll. At the beginningof 2010 I started getting headaches again, insomnia was getting worse, digestive issues flared up (was afraid it was due to my malrotation so I spent months getting tested for digestive issues), severe consitpation, fatigue, muscle/joint pain, menstration issues, low labido. I think thats everything….

I started looking into other issues..Saw a GI (he said my malrotation surgery was fine no issues, Irritable bowel/bad motility was issue), saw a Rheumatologist (he said fibromyalgia, low vitamin D), saw an allergist (allergic to nothing but have streptococcus immune deficiency), OBGYN (everything fine there). Currently seeing Chiropractor/Massage therapist because my muscles are so darn tight all over.

After trying med Rheumatolgist wanted me to try for fibro, that didnt work (and decilning an antidepressent), I decided to only use vitamins that I read about online for fibro (such as magnesium, fish oil etc). I still was taking a muscle relaxer or ambien to help me sleep, holistic type stuff didnt work.Only other meds I was on were Birth Control and an antispasmatic for my stomach.

Well still after going to chiro and being on mostly vitamin supplement I am no better and looking into the possibility again of having mold toxin or candida.

I've been researching on my  own and getting some information form the local vitamin shop and have decided I am going to try a cleanse. And well thats why I'm here.

Okay so i started the 30 day cleansesmart, triple fiber, 15 billion probiotic and the 3,6,9 omega oil TODAY. I should also note that I stopped all other vitamins and meds I was taking even Birth Control, I'm doing a full body overhaul.

I have several questions because I want to do this right and get the most benefit. If this doesnt work my next plan of action is to see a Homeopathic Dr. But since funds are tight due to the foreclosure and having to file bankruptcy, cutting back work hrs, no health insurance etc, I'm trying this on my own first so any assistance from anyone would be GREATLY appreciated.


1)Should I eat a certain diet or do elimination diet? I've seen other detox/cleanses that say you do?

2)After I'm done with the 30 day cleansesmart the pamplet I have says to do step 2 which is a heavy metal and liver cleanse, should I definitly do this?

3)After step 2 the same pamplet says to do step 3 which is the Paragone and/or Candidagone cleanse, should I definitly do this?

4)Will this 30 day cleansesmart or 3 step cleanse process help with candida and/or mold issues?

5)Please let me know if you have any further recommendations, I'm desperate!

One thing I'm sure of is this myalgia pain, digestive/ibs issues, vitamin/immune deficencies, etc are symptoms of a greater issue, I just need to find it. 


Kathy (frustrated and want my life back)



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