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Two years ago I needed to get up in the middle of the night to urinate some times more than once a night. I went out and purchased the Total Kidney Detox formula. The program calls for taking it two weeks on and two weeks off. After finishing the six weeks protocol, I was amazed at all the benefits I received from Total Kidney Detox! Here is a partial list: 1) No more getting up in the middle of the night to urinate. 2) Better night’s sleep with no interruption! 3)Toxins removed from the bladder, kidney’s and urinary tract. 4)Assistance in weight loss now that the kidney’s are working optimally. Keep in mind this is easy to do at home with no down time, doctor’s visit or lab work. This is probably the best money I ever spent. Now after two years I’m ready for another Total Kidney Detox! Renew Life nailed “Total Kidney Detox” and I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants healthy kidneys, bladder and urinary tract!!!!
Steve V, Lake Forest, CA

I was diagnosed a few months ago by a doctor who said I had a “trigger finger,” because it would keep locking up on me, and when I would straighten it out it was very painful. I started taking your Norwegian Gold Critical Omega a few weeks ago and what a difference! My finger hardly locks up at all anymore and I have barely any pain in the joints when I straighten it. To me, this is unbelievable, especially because I have had this problem for over a year and didn’t think it would ever feel better. In fact, I still have an upcoming appointment with a specialist which I probably won’t even need by then! Thank you so much for your wonderful product.
Jim P., Berkeley, CA

Winters in Fairbanks can be cold and come December the days are dark. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that I spend more time inside during the winter, and this winter the dark really seemed to get to me. I would spend hours sitting at my computer and eating comfort foods. Then my side started hurting, and soon I was in so much pain that I couldn't even sleep. I started drinking lots of water and made myself move more but it wasn't getting much better.

Finally, I went to the health food store and explained what was happening. They suggested I try ReNew Life Liver Detox, which I did, and by the third day I actually began to feel better. By the second week, all of my pain was gone. I have now completed the entire 30-day Liver Detox program, and I can’t believe the difference. When I don't feel well it changes my whole attitude, but even that got better—I noticed that even though it was still December and still cold, I wasn’t complaining anymore and I felt great! I recommend Renew Life Liver Detox to anyone looking to give their liver a ReNewED Life.
Laura L., Fairbanks, AK

I would like to thank Brenda Watson product's for helping me with my reoccurring yeast infections. Everything my doctor gave me did not work. My mother suggested I go to the health food store. I must admit I did have doubt. I explained my situation to the owner she immediately showed me the product Candigone along with the CandiZyme, FiberSmart and the Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion. She told me that I must eliminate my sugars, and I must follow the diet or it won't work. Also that it may take a little longer according to my overgrowth After 2 month's of using these product's my yeast infection is finally gone. I recommend Candigone to anyone who may suffer with this problem. Valerie in Florida
Valerie Lowe, US

I was soooooo stressed out at the begining of this year after 2 years of being on fertility treatment to no avail. I decided to cleanse my body out to recover from the damage I felt had been done. I started with First Cleanse and enjoyed feeling better within 1 week, When I finished I went in for a second cleanse which was the liver cleanse as I had acne on my face and the person working at the store recognized I may have some Liver stuff going on... Here I am finished with the Liver Cleanse and I am totally amazed at how great I feel and my acne cleared up in 2 weeks along with improved symptoms of PMS, depression and Hypoglacemia that I have always experienced! I wish I found this system sooner and I will continue with the Metal Cleanse next, I can\'t wait to see how good I feel afterwards! Thanks so much for these products!!! Sincerely, Lori K~
Lori Kumskis, Riverside, IL

Last July I injured Disk L4 , a ligamnet up my back & dislocated my fermor bone all at the same time . For several months I was on pain pills ,then went on to Acetaminophens 4 a day , in June I noticed my husband was correcting me ALOT !! Something was wrong very wrong , I asked my husband to take me to his bother\'s , he is a diabetic . We check my blood sugar it was 217 !! my heart rate had been running around 44 to 50 and blood pressure was 100 over 60 , never put this together with pain relievers , The next day I got off of the Acetaminophen , all my supplements & started Renew Life Organic Essential Detox in one day I was at 159 , 3 days later at 119 , 12 days later 110 , have stayed between 89 & 99 since then !! I HIGHLY recommend this cleanse . thank you ReNew Life , Terri Walheim
Terri Walheim, Hermitage Penna.

For most of my adult years I was plagued by urinary tract infections (almost monthly), and until approximately 10 years ago I was being treated by my doctor for these infections, but they always seemed to return. I am a very healthy woman, and I don’t take any other medications besides those for my UTIs, so I decided to research natural remedies that might help with my problem. That’s when I found ReNew Life’s Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion.

I've been taking my one capsule (so easy!) of Ultimate Flora 50 Billion for over three years now and I’ve had no sign of the infections that I had for so many years. It’s amazing the difference your product made, and I know it’s because the probiotics help keep my insides healthy and balanced. What an incredible product!
Jan B., Bismarck, ND

In 1995 I started having a lot of digestive problems (gas, bloating, cramps, diarrhea/constipation and heartburn). For years I went to doctor after doctor trying to figure out what was "wrong" with me. Since that time, I've been diagnosed with gastritis, GERD, hemorrhoids, hiatal hernia, irritable bowel and even fibromyalgia, but in 2008 I had had enough. None of the medications I had been prescribed were helping at all, so I decided to go to the health food store to see if someone could help me. After talking to the sales associate for about 20 minutes, she handed me the book "Renew Your Life" by Brenda Watson and told me that I just needed to read it. Boy was she right! Not only did I need to read it... I needed a complete digestive overhaul! I went back a week later and purchased ReNew Life’s FiberSMART, OilSMART, Ultimate Flora and DigestMORE. These are now what I take every day and I am happy to report that I am feeling SO much better. I just ordered a bottle of IntestiNEW caps and will be purchasing the Daily Digestive Health Pak prior to my holiday travels. I love ReNew Life products and would highly recommend them to anyone that is having any type of digestive issues. They really work!
Jerilyn E., San Rafael, CA

It has been a great month for me! After feeling worn out and just not like myself for months, a friend recommended your CleanseSMART total-body cleanse and it worked wonderfully. It was easy to use and very effective. I feel about 20 pounds lighter and I have more energy, and all because my body had absorbed too many things I shouldn't have been putting into it. CleanseSMART has really made an improvement to my overall health—I only wish I'd known about it sooner! Thank you again for your company's awesome products.
Cindy B., New Hampshire

I just wanted to thank Brenda Watson for her great products, as they have saved my health and the health of my clients that I work with. I am a certifed personal fitness & nutrtional trainer for over 30 years, and for the past 3 years or so, I have been using Brenda's product line on my clients with amazing results. I always say that the human body will take care of itself if you do 2 mains things, give it good nutrtion and take away all the toxins, then exercise and watch your stress. Sincerely Mike Ingalls (NCH&F)(CPT,CNC)
Mike Ingalls, Lakes Region of NH

I own my own company and travel frequently. Recently after a 9-month trip to Africa, I came home and started to have problems with my stomach. After finding out I had H-pylori, I went to my doctor and was prescribed 2 weeks of intense antibiotics. After that I felt completely drained and wasn’t able to eat or even feel comfortable. It was terrible!

When I couldn’t take it anymore I went to my local health food store and was recommended your Ultimate Flora 50 Billion Critical Care. I had never taken a probiotic before and really wanted to try a more natural treatment option that wouldn’t leave me feeling sick and exhausted, and I have to say that just a few days after I started taking your product I noticed a huge difference. I felt like I was a normal human being again! Now I take Ultimate Flora 50 Billion every day and I have never felt better. I want to thank you again for such an amazing product, and for helping me bring back the quality of life I have always had.
Holly S., Atlanta, GA

Even though I bought Smokers' Cleanse sometime last year, I didn’t start taking it until about 2 months ago (on an impulse), and now I’m so glad I did. During the first couple weeks I still had bad cravings, and yes I cheated a few times, but each time I smoked a cigarette it tasted awful and I couldn't finish it. Not only that, but I got barely any satisfaction out of those few puffs that I did take.

In the beginning I was actually glad to know that I could smoke while taking this product without having to worry about harmful side effects, but after a while I realized I just no longer wanted to smoke. And even though it says you can take Smokers’ Cleanse for up to 6 months, after just one box (a 30-day supply) I've been fine, and I've only had a few very mild cravings since I stopped using it.

I have tried so many other products over the years and nothing has worked as well as Smokers’ Cleanse. Even better, my Mom smoked for almost 45 years, and after convincing her to try Smoker’s Cleanse, now she’s doing just as well as I am. I was completely amazed by how well it worked for both of us. Thank you!!
Laura J., Westfield, MA

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease about 20 years ago and eventually ended up in the hospital, weighing about 85 pounds and diagnosed with malnutrition. I was prescribed a daily regimen of 80mg of prednisone (a corticosteroid used for treating inflammation in the body), 6 Lomotil (used for treating diarrhea), and 16 Asacol (used for inflammation of the large intestines and rectum).

Fast forward to June 2008 when a woman with Crohn’s introduced me to ReNew Life’s ParaZYME. When I started taking ParaZYME, I gradually began to cut down on all those horrible prescription medications that I didn’t want in my body. In a matter of 6 weeks I was completely off all prescription medications for Crohn’s, and I still am. I still meet with my doctor regularly to keep track of my condition, but I attribute my new-found wellness to ParaZYME and would never be without it. Thank you so much, it has truly improved my life.
Joan B. , Williamsville, NY

I had Fibromyalgia to the point of being bedridden 23 hours a day for 5 years. Nothing worked. The medicines made me sick and drowsy, but did not help. Then, I took Paragone and cleansed my system with it. At first, I felt bad b/c I had die off reactions from it killing parasites, toxins, and bacteria. I had to take a full bottle again after the first, then repeated in 6 months. I also cut out cakes, candies, sugars, redmeat, pasta,wheat, and milk. I have been totally healed from this "incurable" disease. I'm back to work full time and only have minor aches and pains. It has been another 4 years symptom free. I got my life back. Also, I took Melatonin to reregulate my sleep and Mastic Gum to cure the constipation. My sleep increased, pain GONE, and just minor aches and pain. I GOT MY LIFE BACK after years of pain & sufferring. I NEVER thoought anything would help, but THIS WORKED! I would also recommend REnew Life Probiotics. I have no connection to REnew Life other than buying their products THAT SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!! I cried for joy after the pain started subsiding after the first bottle.thanks renew life!!!!!!! Katrina
Katrina, Pasadena, CA

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