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CleanseMORE Wins Best Laxative Supplement AwardMillions of people struggle with occasional constipation each year. When a sluggish system strikes many seek natural supplements for relief, but how can consumers today get the safe and gentle results they want? Now finding the natural solution to occasional constipation is easier than ever. Of the hundreds of laxative formulas on the market today, Delicious Living magazine, a trusted consumer health resource for 25 years, has awarded ReNew Life’s CleanseMORE its Best Fiber/Laxative Supplement Award, 2012. Delicious Living chose their favorites based on overall efficacy of ingredients, retailer and medical expert feedback, and product longevity.

Get To Know CleanseMORE

CleanseMORE is a unique laxative product developed especially for people dealing with occasional constipation. Unlike harsh laxative products, CleanseMORE naturally stimulates bowel movements without causing uncomfortable cramping. Natural herbs like cape aloe, rhubarb and triphala gently stimulate and tone the colon, while marshmallow and slippery elm lubricate and soothe. The formulation also includes just enough magnesium hydroxide to gently draw water to the colon encouraging better motility. No harsh stimulating ingredients here, just an easy, hydrating blend of ingredients to make going to the bathroom easy again. No wonder it’s resonated with so many consumers and retailers.

The Low-Down On Constipation

Constipation is defined as the difficult or infrequent passage of stool. Natural health experts would consider you “constipated” if you don’t experience at least daily elimination. So what causes this annoying issue? On top of lifestyle factors such as a change in routine, travel, or lack of exercise, occasional constipation can also be due to diets heavy in refined or processed foods and low in fiber.

You Are What You Eat…And Don’t Excrete!

Good health starts in the digestive tract. If you suffer with occasional constipation it’s imperative to get a handle on the issue before it becomes a bigger problem. In addition to CleanseMORE, try these simple tips to restoring healthy, normal bowel function:

  1. Hydration: Constipation can be caused by dehydration, so drink more water. Try diluting your favorite beverage with 50% water to sneak some H20 in.
  2. Fiber: Fruit, vegetables, beans and whole grains are just a few of the many sources of dietary fiber, but don’t be afraid to use a natural fiber supplement to boost fiber intake. Follow Brenda Watson’s recommended guideline – 35 grams per day – to stay on track.
  3. Exercise: Regular exercise stimulates lymphatic flow which encourages healthy elimination, so make sure you get daily physical activity to keep your colon happy.

So while occasional constipation can be a pain, getting relief doesn’t have to be. Check out our award-winning CleanseMORE for a natural solution, remember to maintain good digestive health with other high-quality ReNew Life products and get ready to leave your sluggish system behind!


Written by Renew Life

At Renew Life, we believe a healthy gut is a happy gut. For nearly two decades we have been formulating superior quality digestive care supplements to help people achieve optimal health from the inside out.* We proudly stand behind the quality, purity, and potency of every product we make. Sign up for our emails to receive new product announcements, company news, and exclusive offers!

  • Lee

    This product is the only thing that has helped me. I have MS, which slows everything down plus I have to take pain medication. Most everyday I am able to go to the bathroom. Yea!!!!

  • Safrah

    CleanseMORE is fantastic in helping me with everyday elimination problems. There is no cramping or ill effects of any kind. It’s the only product I’ve found that works gently to help things along.

  • Sondra Matthews

    Can this product, Cleansemore, be used long term? Can it be taken daily or several times a week?

    Thank you.

  • Renew Life Support

    CleanseMore is typically not recommended to be taken everyday. Several times per week is fine.

  • Tracy Mart

    So you really can’t take this the rest of your life? I have been taking it for probably over a year 2 pills a night?

  • Renew Life Support

    Hi Tracy,
    We don’t recommend the product long term in general, no. However there are extenuating circumstances where a laxative is needed on a daily basis. Some people on certain medications or with certain conditions may HAVE to take a laxative daily. If this is the case, CleanseMORE is one of the more gentle and effective natural laxatives available. Normally, if a person is generally healthy, but is experiencing sluggish elimination we’d recommend dietary changes as well as additional supplements such as fiber, oils, enzymes and probiotics to address the source of constipation as opposed to simply relying on a daily laxative.

  • Tracy Mart

    Hmmm…. that is really not what I wanted to hear?:) Taking cleanseMORE is simple and it allows me to get rid of waste everyday, where as I used to be 5 dayer! What kind of oils/enzymes do you recommend? Does Renew Life make a probiotic?

  • Renew Life Support

    ReNew Life makes lots of probiotics as well as enzymes, oils and fiber for every day. Our philosophy for daily digestive care revolves around the concept of HOPE (High Fiber, Omega-3 Oils, Probiotics and Enzymes). These are dietary factors to look out for everyday in your food choices. If you’re not getting enough of these essential nutrients from food (and most of us are not), you should be taking a supplement. Please check out our website and learning center for more information.

  • Julia Harris

    CleanseMore was recommended to me when in the US last year. I cannot recommend it enough – it has changed my travelling lifestyle. It is the only laxative I have used which not only cleanses gently and thoroughly but continues the cleansing/healing process for the next day or so. Most important for me, is that it doesn’t strip the precious bowel mucosa. which has happened with previous laxatives, with the subsequent heightening of food/chemical sensitivities.
    Thank you so much for this product. I am about to order more through i-Pharm and hoping New Zealand customs will pass the different herbs.
    Kind regards, Julia

    NB You may edit my message if you wish to use it as a testimonial. If you are able to answer the Customs query re the herbs I would appreciate your reply.

  • AP

    Can I take CleanseMore in the morning?

  • ReNew Life

    It’s up to you AP. Usually it’s taken at night so the herbs work with your digestion overnight and your bowels will be stimulated to move in the morning. However there’s no reason why you couldn’t if it feels better for you. Experiment.
    Renew Life Support

  • michelle ah

    This is a miracle. I feel so blessed/lucky/thrilled and euphoric to have found this.
    I am a woman in my 40s, eat perfect ( i even hate me) and weight train body build… did figure modeling a couple years ago. So, I was a secret smoker…yes! Smoking made me have bowel movements after every meal. FINALLY, I stopped smoking over 6 months ago, and so did my regularity. I was barely going once a day. I upped my cardio, upped my harsh fibers, and got nothing but a distended abdomen. My life is mine again with Cleansemore. I take one every nite at bedtime. My system is back to eliminating after every meal WITHOUT any problems of cramping or excess looseness or gas. It just feels 100% normal. I am so so so grateful.

  • ReNew Life

    Hi Michelle! What great news! However CleanseMore is best used for occasional constipation. It’s really not a daily supplement. I would suggest you consider some probiotics to help balance your intestinal environment, support your immune system, and assist with regularity. Just a thought.

  • Joan Craw

    The only cure for cronic constipation was the Cape Aloe in the Lady Soma Detox. Im a guy, and my wife was using it to lose weight. Its safe for men also (no female specific ingrdients in it), but its the only that worked to cure my constipation. It never makes you feel sick or cramps. Its also a source of fiber that actually does make you go. IMAGINE THAT?

    Also just Cape Aloe does not and did not work for me. Its something with the other ingrdients in the Lady Soma Detox, that actually DETOXED me and my constipation.

  • Breanna

    Hey! I’m 19 and have a crazy healthy diet. I eat prune everyday and workout but nothing works for my constipation. I take this pill sometimes for relief, it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. I just took two to see if that helps. Can I eat after I take this pill? I took it in the morning to ensure an empty stomach.