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Taste for Life Award Winner

Congrats to CleanseMORE! The ReNew Life bestseller has won the prestigious Taste for Life Essentials Award in the Supplements category for 2014.

Like all of us here at ReNew Life, the folks at Taste for Life magazine are passionate about health and wellness and dedicated to empowering consumers with natural foods and nutritional solutions to help them live healthier every day. Each January they begin awarding their esteemed Essentials Awards for nutritional supplements, honoring those high-quality natural supplements they would recommend for their readers.

“We are so pleased to accept this Essentials award from Taste for Life. CleanseMORE is a bestseller in our line of quality digestive support formulas,” said ReNew Life president and national digestive health educator Brenda Watson in a recent press release. “It is one of the most successful products in the history of ReNew Life.”

CleanseMORE is a highly effective natural laxative formula made with magnesium and powerful bowel-stimulating herbs to help relieve occasional constipation.‡ The natural ingredients in CleanseMORE work to stimulate elimination without creating the urgency often produced by laxatives with harsh ingredients.‡ Like all ReNew Life products, CleanseMORE is made without artificial ingredients or fillers.

Be sure to look for CleanseMORE and view a complete list of all 2014 Essentials Award winners in the upcoming January 2014 issue of Taste for Life magazine. You can find it at health food stores everywhere!

Written by Renew Life

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