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woman-joggingDoes it seem like January is just zipping by? How are those 2015 health resolutions coming along? Have you been eating more fiber? Cutting back on sugary soft drinks? Cooking more meals at home? Good for you! Now let’s talk probiotics.

Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that occur naturally in the digestive tract, where they promote a balanced internal environment to support digestive and immune health.‡ Because up to 80% of the immune system is found in the gut, having a healthy balance of bacteria there—meaning more good and neutral than harmful bacteria—is important for optimal health.‡ However, factors such as poor diet, stress, age, and certain medications can deplete your numbers of good bacteria and lead to digestive upsets and poor health.

If you haven’t yet discovered the benefits of taking a daily probiotic supplement, now is the perfect time do so. During the winter months and throughout the year, probiotics can offer a wide range of benefits.‡ Here are just a few!

  • Help restore digestive balance‡
  • Relieve occasional digestive discomfort‡
  • Support immune health‡
  • Promote bowel health and regularity‡
  • Support a healthy yeast balance in women‡
  • Replenish healthy gut bacteria‡

Ready to power up with probiotics?‡ Click here to watch a helpful video about the 6 Rules of Probiotics and for helpful advice on choosing the right probiotic supplement for you and your family.

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lady-yoga-poseDoes your 2015 health regimen include taking better care of your heart? According to a new Harvard University study, you may want to consider adding a yoga class or two to your weekly health regimen.

After analyzing the results of nearly 40 different clinical trials, researchers found that practicing yoga proved just as beneficial for heart health as regular aerobic activity (such as brisk walking or running) and believe it may be a viable alternative for older adults or those with health issues that prevent them from participating in more vigorous physical activity.

Among the more than 2,700 study participants, those who included yoga in their weekly health regimen saw noticeable improvements with regard to common cardiac risk factors including blood pressure, cholesterol and heart rate. An average weight loss of just over five pounds was also noted.

Yoga is a centuries-old mind and body practice that involves meditation, controlled breathing and body movement to cultivate self-awareness as well as alleviate stress and improve strength and balance. Previous studies have linked yoga to better flexibility and muscle tone, increased energy, healthy metabolism, and weight loss.

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