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Ever wondered how much sugar you really eat? Our new Sugar Edition info graphic below offers up an empowering look at what we can do right now to beat our sugar and carb addictions for good. The graphic outlines simple steps and a powerful formula to make this dietary turnaround a reality. Transform your health from run-down and at risk to inspired with these invaluable tips from Brenda Watson’s new hit PBS health special, Heart of Perfect Health.

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Heart of Perfect Health: Silent Inflammation (Sugar Edition)

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Written by tfritz

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  • Theresa Reed

    Thanks for sharing all the great ideals to help with reducing sugar in our diets.

  • Sharon

    You have helped me to understand what is really going on with our diets and weight gain. Simple and straight forward advice and not at all complicated. Thank you so much for this!

  • Lois

    Do you have a book by the same name, the heart of perfect health. I need help.. I have high blood pressure and alot of inflamation.. Where do I start and where can I get help?
    Thank you

  • Pat

    Thank you for all the information about inflammation and sugar. I have serious inflammation issues which causes pain, and a long history of yeast/candida problems, and sugar is a major enemy of that.

  • renewlifesupport

    Hi Lois,
    Yes, there’s a book “The Road to Perfect Health” with a Public Television special of the same name. At this minute you can’t purchase it except as part of a pledge package on your local station. However soon we’re looking forward to offering it for sale on Brenda Watson’s website.
    For now, I’d like to invite you to join Brenda’s Community Forum for free here – – where you can post questions to Brenda and read her answers to years of other people’s posts. I’ll bet you can get some help there.
    Renew Life Support

  • renewlifesupport

    Hi Pat,
    I’d like to suggest you join Brenda Watson’s Community Forum where you can get a lot more information about those topics and how to deal with them, if you’re interested. It’s free –
    Renew Life Support

  • Michael McKenzie

    Hi. I see many labels on foods that provide total carbohydrates and fiber, and then sugars separately. Ignoring the sugar grams and doing the simple math you’ve suggested using the carbs and fiber the grams of sugar never match what is stated on the label. Have they done some ‘fuzzy math’ in their sugar calculation?!?

    Thanks again for all you do to help us keep focused on staying healthy!!



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