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Yeast overgrowth affects millions of women every day and can cause symptoms like fatigue, sugar cravings, gas and bloating, and frequent vaginal yeast infections and urinary issues. NEW Rapid Yeast Relief™ was developed exclusively for women to help break the cycle of yeast imbalance and promote optimal vaginal and urinary tract health.‡

The 7-day dual-action formula works in just 7 days and combines potent enzymes and 20 billion probiotic cultures to attack yeast overgrowth and help replenish healthy vaginal flora.‡

Rapid Yeast Relief™

  • Helps Balance Vaginal & Urinary Tract Flora‡
  • Helps Break Down Harmful Yeast Cell Walls‡
  • Promotes Overall Urinary Tract Health‡
  • Helps Regulate Vaginal pH Levels‡
  • Supports Natural Defenses‡
  • Enteric-GUARD™ Targeted Delivery
  • No fillers or binders

Written by psapio

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  • Lisa Vogelsang

    Hello Brenda, I have been suffering horribly for 11 months with reflux to the point where absolutely no ppi’s work what so ever. I went for the ph 24hour test this week and awaiting the results. The searing pain in my throat along with the sandpaper and globus sensation are so terrible that they are affecting my life. In the past when I would have an episode of reflux a ppi would quickly solve the problem but that is no longer the case. i am very frightened to say the least. can I take yeast relief along with digestive enzymes and a probiotic??? i am so confused and desperate for help!!!!!!!! do you think that will help with reflux and lpr???

  • Bonnie Spruin

    Are your products dairy free? I am allergic to dairy/beef/gelatin.



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