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Fruits and vegetables are among the healthiest foods on the planet, but sometimes we forget about the hidden sugar in fresh produce—especially our favorite fruits. As a rule, look for fruits low in sugar such as berries and citrus fruits the next time you head to the grocery store. The following is a list of some of the best low-sugar fruit options and their approximate sugar amount listed in grams.

Apricot: 3.2 g
Avocado (medium): 1 g
Blackberries (1 cup): 7 g
Carambola (starfruit): 5 g
Cherimoya (1 cup):
Cherries, sour (1 cup): 8.7 g
Cranberries, raw (1 cup): 4 g
Grapefruit, pink (½ large): 8.5 g
Guava: 8 g
Kiwi (1 medium): 6 g
Kumquat: 2 g
Lemon: 1 g
Lime: 1 g
Orange (large): 12 g
Papaya (1 cup): 11 g
Peach (medium): 8 g
Plum: 4 g
Raspberries (1 cup): 5 g
Rhubarb (1 cup, chunks): 1 g
Strawberries (1 small): <1 g
Tomato (small): 2 g
Watermelon (1 cup, chunks): 9.5

Written by Renew Life

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