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Irritable bowel syndrome affects more than 50 million Americans every day, so chances are pretty good that you or someone you know suffers from IBS. But despite the number of people affected, the condition is still widely misunderstood. Join Digestive Care Expert Brenda Watson and special guest Dr. Leonard Smith on the Poop Scoop Wednesday April 7th to learn more about IBS and its causes and symptoms, as well as the natural solutions that can help you take the first steps toward better bowel health!

Simple Ways to Love Your Colon

Add More Fiber. In addition to its role in heart health and weight management, fiber promotes optimal digestive function by helping to absorb and eliminate toxins in the colon that can contribute to IBS symptoms.

Cut the Fat. Eating foods that are high in fat such as fried foods and certain meats can contribute to IBS. Be sure to consume these types of foods in moderation.

Limit Caffeine. Highly caffeinated foods and beverages (such as coffee, tea, soda and chocolate) have been shown to worsen IBS symptoms.

Avoid Foods High in Sulfur. Some foods that are healthy—including vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, cabbage, garlic, onions and broccoli—are high in sulfur and may actually trigger IBS symptoms. Opt for low-sulfur veggies such as carrots or green beans.

Soothe the Digestive Tract. Many herbs and nutraceuticals such as marshmallow root, slippery elm, and the amino acid L-glutamine can help nourish and soothe the intestinal tract and bowel.

Balance with Probiotics. Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria in the intestines that work to crowd out harmful pathogens that can lead to impaired digestion. These healthy bacteria can help promote a balanced intestinal environment.

Drink Plenty of Water. Drinking plenty of water (at least half your body weight in ounces every day) will help flush out toxins and other harmful microbes that may be causing IBS symptoms.

Try Colon Hydrotherapy. IBS sufferers—especially those with severe symptoms—may find that natural colon hydrotherapy can help cleanse the system and improve digestive health and elimination.


Written by Renew Life

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  • I love this article – love your colon, a very fresh approach!

  • Thank you so much for the information.i do suffer from IBS-Constipation.I think I have gained 10lbs. in just belly weight because of it. However,I do have one concern. I try to workout on a regular basis and my personal trainer has recommended me to eat Broccoli and lots of it.It is suppose to be very healthy for you on so many level. He told me , It was low-carbohydrate, high Vitamin C source, and great in keeping that “feel full” affect. So can is there another Vegetable that is just as great as Broccoli?

  • psapio

    Hi Jessica,

    Most whole vegetables will help you achieve that feeling of fullness. Beans are great too, as are whole grains and legumes. Essentially, all fiber-rich foods are nutritious and low in calories, so anything like that would be helpful. These are also the foods that are typically high in insoluble fiber–which can help with constipation–so it’s really a win-win. Hope this helps!

  • Heather Baker


    My name is Heather and I suffer from IBS. I almost lost my life last year due too being malnourished. I had mesynteric artery syndrome, and gastroperesis. I took Reglan, prilosec, and even Marinol at one point. While this was all going on to get me back to health I was said to have a mild eating disorder, one that reflecs from orthorexia and obsessive excersice. I have gone through tx and am recovered but while going through this…… I seem to have develope IBS. I feel like I’am being torn betw een doctors…… When I was taking all those meds? I did not have the IBS S/S, Although I was eating normally. They did skin allergy tesing, lactose, MRI, and endo/colonossopy…. all negative. I have lost weight again…. they say I hurt because I,am not eating enough. I hurt! My stomache, Left quadrant (esp lower. My bowels are always making noises and I have gas all the time. My dietician wants me to eat more like I have gastroperesis? but when I eat foods that would cause problems with that I seem to be ok? easily digestable foods are better. I have trouble with harder to digest foods and fats esecially. I am afraid to eat…. I have even became a vegan but that diet actually hurts my stomache/intestines. I started taking intestinue, 30 billion flora by renew life, and digestive enzymes. I did buy the super critical omega but scared to take? Can you help me? diet, supplements. whether to continue supps, add, or change?
    please help!

  • renewlifesupport

    Dear Heather,
    We here at Renew Life Support aren’t able to address medical issues. I’m forwarding your post to Brenda Watson’s assistant who will be in touch shortly.