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We have to admit it—we feel a little bit like Sally Field at the ’85 Academy Awards…You really like us! And what an amazing feeling it is.

In addition to our popular CleanseSMART formula being named the #1 Internal Cleanse for 7 years running, ReNew Life recently received word that our award-winning line of Ultimate Flora high-potency probiotics is the top seller in the probiotics category in health food stores across the country.

The good news is provided by SPINS, a leading market research firm for the natural products industry that shows Ultimate Flora ranking above all other probiotic brands, and it comes right in time for Brenda Watson’s new PBS special, The Road to Perfect Health, which explains how beneficial probiotic bacteria help balance the gut and heal the body.

Ultimate Flora sets the standard for superior probiotic supplements with a full line of high-potency, high-Bifido multi-strain formulas featuring Enteric-GUARD™ targeted delivery and our exclusive Potent-GUARD™ guarantee. And just like all ReNew Life supplements, you’ll never find any artificial ingredients or unnecessary fillers in our Ultimate Flora probiotics.

Probiotics are a cornerstone of good health and essential to healthy digestive function because they help maintain the right balance of good bacteria in the digestive tract to help keep you regular, energetic and feeling great. So when you’re ready to choose the right probiotic for your lifestyle, choose the best: Ultimate Flora from ReNew Life!


Written by Renew Life

At Renew Life, we believe a healthy gut is a happy gut. For nearly two decades we have been formulating superior quality digestive care supplements to help people achieve optimal health from the inside out.* We proudly stand behind the quality, purity, and potency of every product we make. Sign up for our emails to receive new product announcements, company news, and exclusive offers!

  • Tiffany

    I was wondering if the Ultimate Flora has to be refrigerated? I don’t see anything on the box about it, but the store where I bought it has it in the fridge. I’d be a lot better about taking it if I could put it in my pill box with the rest of my vitamins.

    What should I do?

  • renewlifesupport

    Hi Tiffany,

    We recommend storing our Ultimate Flora formulas in a dry place at 73°F (23°C) or below. While they do not need to be refrigerated, many folks prefer to keep them in the fridge. Hope this helps! 🙂

  • Patti

    Just wondering… any special reason why you are supposed to take the probiotics between meals? Thx!

  • Keith

    Why is it that the directions say to take between meals when most others say to take with meals? Thank you

  • vicki

    I hope my question gets answered…On PBS she had a special amd said the pro biotics had helped her arthritis, just wondering what I should take to ease the pain in my finger joints. I just got done with a bottle of the Critical care formula. I took it everyday since my breast cancer surgery. I never had artheritis in my hands till about a two weeks after the mastectomy. I would so appreciate a reply from Brenda Watson on this. Thank you.

  • Carol Joy

    My husband and I would like to start individual trial programs with your products, but don’t know which to choose. My husband is 53, and he has mild fibromyalgia with overall pain, and irritable bowel. I’m 49 and I get painful knots in my upper back, mid-stomach pain, fatigue, and restless legs. Thank you for your recommendations! Can’t wait to order!

  • psapio

    Hi Keith,

    We recommend taking our Enteric-GUARD protected probiotics between meals (on an empty stomach) so that the capsule can pass quickly through the stomach and be released directly into the intestines. However, some folks prefer taking probiotics with a light meal, and this is fine as well.

  • restorationgirl

    LOVE your Ultimate Flora Critical Care! I used to work for a nutraceutical company. Their probiotic only has five strains and the TOTAL combined probiotics was only a mere 10 billion. I’ve taken the time to search the benefits of each strain of probiotic in your Ultimate Flora and I am impressed! I’ve even read a book written by a dentist suggesting probiotics for gum disease. During the past 2 days my gums have been sore by my back molars. Tonight I opened a Ultimate Flora Critical Care cap, put a little bit on my tongue & ‘applied’ it to the area & kept doing this little by little. It took the soreness away from my gums! I have a ‘swollen tastebud’ on my tongue and it took the majority of the soreness away from that, too! I hope you never stop making this! I feel like taking it along with dietary changes have made a difference in my chronic fatigue. Thank you!

  • tonya

    Will ultimate vag flora be potent if stored in freezer?

  • Alicia Niblock

    Iv been on the 30 billion for a week..havent seen any changes but a buncha gas which is why i started on these in the the first place..i will finish this $20.00 bottle and probly not buy it again..kefir works better than this so far and its only 4 bucks..not impressed as of yet!!!

  • renewlifesupport

    Dear Alicia,
    Gas can be increased occasionally with probiotics in a gut that is way out of balance to begin with. And have you considered digestive enzymes? They can be helpful with gas issues. I’d like to suggest you join Brenda Watson’s Community Forum for free at She discusses health issues in her Forum. I know she’ll have a lot of good advice and some suggestions for you.
    Renew Life Support

  • renewlifesupport

    Dear tonya,
    It should still be potent, although it doesn’t increase in potency when frozen.
    Renew Life Support

  • Lara

    I am using the ultimate Flora 50 billion for a few weeks now and find it to be extremely helpful!! I am wondering if once it has been refrigerated it is OK to keep unrefrigerated ? I am going on a trip and want to take them with me but I cant keep them cold for the few hours…is that ok?


  • ReNew Life

    It will be fine for a few hours. No problem. Better you take them while you’re on the trip then leave them home in the refrig! Have a good one.

  • Fans

    Just started the 50 billion. Never done before but what am I too expect? Only been on a week but yesterday couldn’t get out of bed today OK…

  • ReNew Life

    Hi Fans,
    That response is definitely not one that’s associated with starting probiotics. Please discontinue the product and see what happens. Everyone is so unique in their reactions to absolutely anything, including foods. Occasionally people experience a bit of gas or bloating when they begin probiotics, which should be minimal and subside after a few days. In this case you can decrease your dose, or stop and then begin again at a lower dose, working up to 50 billion (you could open the capsule and use half, and then keep the other half refrigerated). Please let us know how you do.
    Renew Life Support

  • Linda

    I want to thank restorationgirl above. I an hanging the sore gums on the top rear teeth and I will try this tonight. I also get the swollen taste bud. I didn’t know anyone but me that gets them . I want to say thanks thanks thanks…….

  • Amanda

    I’ve noticed that my grocery store now carries Renew Life Probiotics on the shelf in the health food section. My local health food store refridgerates them. Are the Probiotics as effective when stored in room temperature?

  • ReNew Life

    Years ago it was necessary to refrigerate the probiotics and it’s still fine to do so. Many health food stores have continued that practice. But now, the packaging has improved so that the probiotics you see on the shelf are stable and safe at room temperature (and actually in shipping as well). However once you break the seal when you open the bottle, it’s best to keep them at 73 degrees or below. That way, the culture count is guaranteed through date of expiration.

  • Juan Manuel

    hellow, i bougth in miami at gnc ultimate flora 150 extra care. i it was in room tempeture. but i read in the bothe it says store 44 f or below…….. im worried it has afected the product. can i asure its quality any ways?

  • LRP

    Hi- I cannot swallow pills, can the capsules be opened up and taken with food like apple sauce?